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"Horror City, Part 1: House of Misery": While at the horse track, John Constantine makes an unexpected win on a long-shot horse - against his hopes, because the loss was supposed to be a sacrifice. Annoyed, he cashes out anyway, but the lady behind the coun

Quote1.png Get your capes and cowls on, you useless bastards... Someone's stolen the House of Mystery right out from under our bloody noses!! Quote2.png
John Constantine

Justice League Dark #19 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2013. It was published on April 24, 2013.

Synopsis for "Horror City, Part 1: House of Misery"

While at the horse track, John Constantine makes an unexpected win on a long-shot horse - against his hopes, because the loss was supposed to be a sacrifice. Annoyed, he cashes out anyway, but the lady behind the counter offers him a note instead of his winnings. The note reads: "The Cold Flame Burns." John realizes too late what's about to happen, and is caught in a massive explosion.

In Washington, D.C., Steve Trevor receives a visit from Deadman, who has possessed the body of the over-weight Larry Ross. Trevor had called him there, thanks to an ecto-probe into the afterworld. Despite the probability that John Constantine will become angry with him if he hears of this meeting, Boston has agreed to see the Colonel. Trevor explains that all he wants is for Boston to act as his spy within the so-called Justice League Dark. In exchange, Trevor will offer him a position on the Justice League of America. Before he can answer, Deadman leaves abruptly when he senses a massive quake within the ethereal plane.

Boston follows the quake to Greenwich Village, where Madame Xanadu and Frankenstein are already waiting. Xanadu - who looks unexpectedly young, compared to previous encounters - explains that John Constantine will be arriving momentarily with some big news. Right on cue, John appears in a puff of smoke, announcing that someone has stolen the House of Mystery from under his nose, and if they don't get it back within 24 hours, he will lose control over it forever. Whoever does have it, meanwhile, will have access to all of the House's horrors.

In order to track the House, John uses the dried tobacco from his cigarette to summon the Swamp Thing, whose connection to The Green will help him to track the wood within the House. Holland is not so pleased to have been called at all, but having an acquaintance with Frankenstein thanks to a previous encounter, he agrees to help with the monster's vouching. Though he can sense that the House is close, there is something dark about it infecting the Green. When he gets too close, he is suddenly ripped away from them. Xanadu has already foreseen Swamp Thing's falling victim to this trap, and announces that now there will be the Nightmares to follow. Soon, they are all swallowed by the nightmares, as Xanadu warns Frankenstein to make the lightning that will come his friend, confoundingly.

John finds himself in an alleyway, coughing up blood. The more he coughs, the more blood there is, and that blood forms into a distorted, bloody version of himself, grinning and mumbling about all of the innocent sacrifices that they need to be making.

Deadman finds himself in the empty Madison Square Garden, where he is surprised by a gang of circus folk intent on mutilating and maiming him. They call themselves the Cannibal Carnival.

Xanadu appears in a graveyard, where the bodies rising from the ground remember her as their former lover, angry that she had betrayed and forgotten them all.

Frankenstein finds himself in the sewers, where he discovers his Bride being eaten by their own Spawn. As the boy attacks him as well, Frankenstein is saved by what appears to be red lightning. The lightning stops, and Frankenstein realizes that he has been aided by The Flash. However, the Flash believes that he is a monster.

On Fifth Avenue, the House of Mystery now sits, and its new resident has captured Swamp Thing there. The man has foreseen that the Swamp Thing is integral to the future that he intends to write with the House of Mystery in his control, and the Justice League Dark cannot stop him, so long as he has his Dreamstone. While the Cult of the Cold Flame will soon throw all magic into conflict, he will wrest control for himself - the world will belong to Doctor Destiny.

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