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"Horror City, Part 2: The Nightmare Gospel": As Doctor Destiny has plunged New York City into a nightmarish state with the unwilling help of a trapped Swamp Thing, Frankenstein and [[Flash (Barry Allen)|

Quote1 I'm warning you, Constantine. If a demonic stockbroker stole the House, I quit. Quote2

Justice League Dark #20 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2013. It was published on May 22, 2013.

Synopsis for "Horror City, Part 2: The Nightmare Gospel"

As Doctor Destiny has plunged New York City into a nightmarish state with the unwilling help of a trapped Swamp Thing, Frankenstein and The Flash are under attack by Frankenstein's own son. However, Frankenstein is well aware that his true spawn died months ago. It all must be an illusion. Flash soon discovers that these illusions are comprised of some kind of hard energy, which he can disperse by vibrating at just the right frequency.

Confused as to how the Flash knew he was down in the sewers, Frankenstein realizes with some annoyance that Steve Trevor must have secretly implanted he and the others on his team with Justice League transmitters. Convinced that he should gather the rest of the team together, he suggests to Flash that they find Madame Xanadu first. Within seconds, the Flash returns with a very disoriented Xanadu, and Frankenstein suggests that despite the speed, it would be best if they stuck together, as this is almost certainly a magical threat, and that is the specialty of the Justice League Dark.

Tiring of Doctor Destiny's self-aggrandizing speeches, Swamp Thing tears himself from the wall by his roots, and attacks him. Enraged, the magician engulfs the Swamp Thing in flames, forcing him back up against the wall, warning that he knows his captive's fears, and there is no hope of escape.

Frankenstein and company discover Deadman under attack by the Cannibal Carnival, whom the Flash disposes of via his vibrational ability. With that, they've only John Constantine yet to rescue.

John, meanwhile, has been left to contend with a bloody nose. What's worse is that the blood is growing into violent copies of him, who are not opposed to attacking and murdering innocent people. Fortunately, the Flash and the others soon arrive to save him - but the blood effigies know what John knows, and so they know how to dodge the Flash. In fact, they appear to be immune to the vibrational attacks that have proved effective elsewhere. Though they manage to trap him in a block of magically conjured ice, Frankenstein and the others decide it's time for them to intervene, and derive a certain amount of satisfaction from the chance to unleash violence on John Constantine - if only in effigy.

With Xanadu's help, John draws the blood-forms back into himself by speaking an incantation, and stabbing himself in the leg. With that, the blood-forms are drawn back into the wound, and John grumbles that he could have dealt with these things by himself. When he sees the Flash there, he becomes even more belligerent, particularly when the Justice Leaguer fails to get his name right. This doesn't sit well with the others, given that they blame him for the whole ordeal - after all, it was his house that was stolen. Even so, the Flash persuades them to stick with John, reminding that it would be perilous to reach a point at which they had to wish he was there.

Grumpily, John sets the Flash to searching for the House of Mystery, and despite warnings that it won't be as easy as looking the Flash speeds off and returns moments later with news that the house is hiding within the penthouse of 900 Fifth Avenue. Once there, John determines that whoever stole the House and kidnapped Swamp Thing must be using the elemental's power to spread the magical wood of the House around Manhattan like a bad weed. Frankenstein thinks it best that he and Flash hold off the nightmares on the streets while John, Xanadu, and Deadman head inside and try to rescue Swamp Thing.

Inside, they encounter Doctor Destiny, who has prophesied their arrival, calling John the last mage. He warns that they will not be able to stop him, because he already knows their every move. Grabbing Xanadu 'round the neck, he adds that he is the horror that they created, and he is also their death, revealing that she is his mother.

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