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"The Rebirth of Evil": With most of his friends disappeared in the fallout of the Trinity War, John Constantine received unexpected and unwelcome help in the form of the Nightmare Nurse, who sought him out in the House of Mystery,

Quote1.png How the hell do we stop a creature that was born inside our own hearts? Answer: we don't. Quote2.png
John Constantine

Justice League Dark #25 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 27, 2013.

Synopsis for "The Rebirth of Evil"

With most of his friends disappeared in the fallout of the Trinity War, John Constantine received unexpected and unwelcome help in the form of the Nightmare Nurse, who sought him out in the House of Mystery, bringing with her a Swamp Thing of her own design - cut and grown from the true Swamp Thing. Unfortunately, as John predicts, such a crime would never escape Alec Holland's knowledge. Both stand in horror as the creature she brought begins to give birth to the real Swamp Thing. Naturally, Alec is not pleased about it. Despite his initial anger, though, he is already aware of the need to help fight the Crime Syndicate - they did block out the sun, after all - and restore balance.

Regrouping, the three of them begin the spells that will be required to find Zatanna and the rest of the Justice League Dark - not to mention the other two Justice Leagues. All have gone missing since the Crime Syndicate arrived. With the full power of The Green on their side, John hopes that he will have more success in tracking than he did by himself. Unexpectedly, though, they sense that something is blocking their search; some kind of blighted magic. Fortunately, the Nightmare Nurse has the skills and potions required to protect her companions from the poison.

In addition to healing his afflictions, the nurse's potion gives John an idea: they must kill evil. With the universe out of balance because of the increased evil of Pandora's Box and the coming of the Crime Syndicate, a wave of darkness has magnified the shadows of the human psyche even more than usual. If they can destroy the blight of small evils that are plaguing humans, they may be able to clear the mess that prevents them from finding the others. In order to do that, though, they will have to enter the human psyche.

Elsewhere, an entity awakes under the sea among the dark creatures that dwell there. He senses that he was once dead, but now lives again. Though he cannot remember his true identity, he is alive and he is filled with rage and hatred - and that is all he needs.

Within the human psyche, the trio encounters its foe in person. This entity expresses indignity at being called a blight, but accepts the name all the same. But if it is a disease or an infestation, so too is the human race. Humankind adores darkness as much as it fears it. That darkness dwells within them, and it cannot be killed easily. That darkness is the blight. It targets each of the three, reducing Alec Holland to the man he is beneath all the green and godhood; filling the nightmare nurse with the disease she swore to fight in an oath she was forced to take. John, though, requires no changing. From the moment he was conceived, he has sought the darkness. He has belonged to it. Despite the fact that John acknowledges how beholden he is to the blight, he fights back, grabbing up his friends in each arm, and making a retreat.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Cassandra Craft is doubting her potential to become a magician, despite her boyfriend Liam's insistence that she has a powerful psychic gift - which she must admit that she does. Spell-casting, though, is another matter entirely. She is naturally surprised, then, when a gang of Demons springs up from the ground floor of her shop and kidnaps her.

Returning to the House of Mystery, John insists that they must find another angle of attack for their plan to break through the static preventing them from finding Zatanna. They merely need more power, and he intends to find it. Grumpily, he enters one of the mansion's doors, and closes it behind him. It is twelve hours before he emerges again, naked and bloodied. After all that, he had finally found the ones who can help them defeat the blight. The answer was obvious. To defeat and understand evil, there could be no better candidates than the Trinity of Sin themselves.

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