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"In the Dark, Part Three: Shibboleths and Alcohol": On the side of a deserted country road, the Enchantress waits for her chance to regain control of June Moone.

Quote1.png The future cannot be changed. We can only work with the present. Let's look for the next member of our team. Quote2.png
Madame Xanadu

Justice League Dark #3 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2012. It was published on November 23, 2011.

Synopsis for "In the Dark, Part Three: Shibboleths and Alcohol"

On the side of a deserted country road, the Enchantress waits for her chance to regain control of June Moone.

Elsewhere, John Constantine manages to track down Zatanna, but she appears to have put herself into a state of stasis. Emergency workers and civilians have gathered around her, believing that she is dead, given her lack of vital signs. Constantine intervenes, using the magic words "Ekaw Pu!" to bring Zatanna back to consciousness.

At a nearby hotel, Constantine and Zatanna perform the tantric ritual of Maithuna. Afterwards, John explains that he had been Runecasting in Brighton when he had a powerful intimation that Zatanna was in trouble. She responds that she had been overcome by a cloud of darkness sent by the Enchantress, and was forced to give up her body to protect herself. She is none too pleased that he used her own backwards magic on her. Constantine brushes her off, and decides to leave. Before Zatanna can force him to take her with him, he has already disappeared.

Elsewhere, Boston Brand watches over June Moone, who is convinced that the Enchantress will find her soon. Suddenly, a presence appears in the room with them, and June runs away, believing that the witch has found her. Boston stays long enough to realize that it is a doorway created by Shade, the Changing Man, but he chooses not to enter.

Shade warns that Madame Xanadu needs Deadman to help in a fight against a dark future. However, when Boston fails to acknowledge, he is forced back into reality. Madame Xanadu explains that she plans to recruit the players she's been following into a team. Each of them possesses a mark, a shibboleth that sets them apart. One of these is Mindwarp, and she wants Shade to recruit him - despite his protests.

Shade returns to his hotel room, his Meta-Vest apparently malfunctioning. The vest speaks to him, warning him not to be on his own. It conjures up the form of Kathy - a recurring illusion - only this time, she is horribly deformed. The illusion attempts to seduce him, and Shade struggles with his own emotional instability before finally destroying her.

Shade travels to Los Angeles, searching Jay Young's apartment for an inkling of where he might be. He tracks him down to Sydney, Australia, where Mindwarp is in the process of committing some violent acts. Shade intervenes before Mindwarp can attack a woman in her bed, demanding to talk.

Late at night, Boston and June Moone drive down the road, hoping to outrun the Enchantress' searches. Boston vows to protect her, though she senses his efforts will be futile. Suddenly, a figure appears in front of their car, and they collide. The two of them rush out of the car, thinking they've hit somebody, but when they stand over the body it reveals itself as the Enchantress, who has finally got her hands on June Moone again.

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