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"In the Dark, Part Four: By the Light of the Moone": Faced with the Enchantress, Deadman orders June Moone to get back into his car and start driving. Before she can comply, though, the witch capture

Quote1.png A dead arms dealer. His beautiful mistress. An existentialist killer. What do you think, Shade? I'm trying to find meaning in an empty void. Like always. Quote2.png

Justice League Dark #4 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2012. It was published on December 28, 2011.

Synopsis for "In the Dark, Part Four: By the Light of the Moone"

Faced with the Enchantress, Deadman orders June Moone to get back into his car and start driving. Before she can comply, though, the witch captures her in a lasso of dark magic. With few other options, Deadman decides to possess the Enchantress' body.

Upon entering the body, Deadman is surprised to find it empty. No memories, no nothing. Using much of his power, Deadman destroys the body he inhabited, forcing his way out. This was not the real Enchantress, it was only an empty shell - a portion of the witch's power given form.

Meanwhile, at Deadman's apartment, Dove returns, expecting Boston Brand to be there. Instead, she finds only John Constantine, who is himself waiting for Deadman. Realizing that she will want to get involved, Constantine warns Dove to stay away from Deadman for the time being, and particularly June Moone. June is a danger to herself and everyone around her.

In Australia, Shade has cornered Mindwarp in a hotel room, where an arms dealer has been murdered while his fiancée cowers in bed with a gun. She believes that Mindwarp killed the arms dealer, and he claims only to be investigating. Regardless, Shade gives relays Madame Xanadu's invitation to join a team of like-minded individuals. Confused by her surroundings, the woman fires her weapon at the two of them, and Mindwarp escapes, leaving Shade to try elsewhere for help.

Having run out of narcotics to keep herself calm while experiencing her visions, Madame Xanadu is unable to mask her feelings of fear at seeing the horrors that the enchantress has wrought on the world. Endless doubles of June Moone and the Enchantress are killing mercilessly across the country, intent on finding the real June Moone, so that she can be merged with the real Enchantress. Anxiously, Madame Xanadu seeks out her drug supplier.

Elsewhere, the real Enchantress rises from her prison and begs to have June Moone returned to her. June is the light which keeps her own darkness in check, and apart, they are unstable. Her doubles report that they are still looking for the authentic June Moone. Suddenly, though, they sense the approach of a visitor - someone unbalanced.

Outside, Zatanna begins to regret her decision to go it alone. She pushes on in the hope that some backwards magic and determination will get her through safely. Unfortunately, her spells seem to have no effect, and as the Enchantress' doubles swarm her, she uses a last resort, and simply says "Eb Enog!", which transports her away.

Unexpectedly, Zatanna rematerializes in front of Shade, who has been trying to summon Boston Brand to him using his M-Vest. Despite the strangeness of having a woman drop into the room out of mid-air, Shade is unfazed, and invites Zatanna to come with him to meet Madame Xanadu.

After getting her 'medication,'Madame Xanadu is still unable to clear her head of the visions she sees of the team she has summoned all being killed along with many others. Arriving back in her home, she is startled by the appearance of John Constantine. She tries to warn him to knock in the future, but he slaps her across the face angrily, telling her not to talk to him about the future. He has seen the same visions that she has, and he knows that somehow, she is responsible for a future in which her team has been wiped out utterly. He warns that he understands that she meddled with something, and that now June Moone will have to suffer for it.

Outside their hotel, June and Boston can see one of the doubles approaching, and waiting for them to come out. Unsure of what to do, Boston suggests that they enter the portal that has appeared there for them, sent there by Shade. Nervously, they enter the door together. Unfortunately, only Deadman is taken by the door, which leaves June unprotected. The Enchantress' magic bursts through the windows, sweeps June Moone up, and prepares to consume her.

Appearing in "In the Dark, Part Four: By the Light of the Moone"

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  • Etrigan (In a vision)
  • Sergei (Appears only as a corpse)





When Dove returns to her apartment, Constantine is eating cold beans straight from the can. This is most likely a reference to Watchmen #1, where Nite Owl returns home to find Rorschach eating cold beans in his kitchen

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