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"The Amber of the Moment, Part Six: Ouroboros": The universe has been consumed by Pralaya, and all that remains are the House of Mystery, and John Constantine - or at least, a magical reflection of him, projected from [[Zatanna Zat

Quote1.png Mystery understood... even before I did... that I'm done with the Justice League Dark-- for now at least. Quote2.png

Justice League Dark #40 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 25, 2015.

Synopsis for "The Amber of the Moment, Part Six: Ouroboros"

The universe has been consumed by Pralaya, and all that remains are the House of Mystery, and John Constantine - or at least, a magical reflection of him, projected from Zatanna's mind. Though he himself is only a mental projection, he creates a projection of her from his own mental image - though neither of them is real, per se. She is confused as to what's going on, and he explains that he believes the World Tree put him in the House when she resurrected it, as some kind of failsafe. The House hid itself from Pralaya, and while she devoured universes and the Justice League Dark, John began work on recreating the rest of the team, starting with Swamp Thing using the tenuous connection to The Green in the House's greenhouse.

Pralaya suddenly becomes aware of their continued existence, and threatens to drag them into the void. Using the power of the real Zatanna's magic, housed within both of them, John and Zatanna create a force-field around the House, but they need the Swamp Thing to act as their connection to the World Tree if they intend to fend her off for good. While John and Zatanna act as a distraction, Swamp Thing leaps into the void of Pralaya. To the cosmic entity's surprise, vines sprout from her chest, and the fruit sprouting from them break open to reveal the real Justice League Dark. Zatanna explains that she had sensed her imagining of John residing in the House and hatched a plan with him to reseed the World Tree within the void. With the tree's return, so too returns all creation. Pralaya is thus repelled, and all is restored.

The World Tree thanks Zatanna for her effort and urges her to find, with her friends, the best second chance that she deserves. Returned to the House, Zatanna realizes that the World Tree is gone, for now. The time is now for creation to live, and the World Tree and Pralaya must await their times. It is, as far as she is concerned, time for love between her thought-form John and Zatanna. She sends the pair back to the world of boundless magic that she created them on, where they can find love in one another like she and the real John never could. Meanwhile, the real Swamp Thing says goodbye to the counterpart who saved them all, who returns to the Green.

Unexpectedly, the House of Mystery begins speeding toward Earth, beyond Zatanna's control. It crashes down on the planet's surface, where they find the real John Constantine standing outside. He admits that he did not seize control of the House. He simply answered its call, and met them there. Zatanna admits that she understands why. The time has come for her to leave the team and the House, and it needs John to be its bonded again. She hugs him and says goodbye, still the only one of the two who remembers that they ever loved one another.

The others all take their leave as well, letting John get reacquainted with the House - and he must admit to himself that it feels good to be home.

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