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"In the Dark, Post-Mortem: The Bloody Reunion": Since each of them was involved in the fight with Enchantress, John Constantine, Zatanna, [[Boston Brand (Prime Ea

Quote1.png This might be hard to accept... but our greatest enemy... the most dangerous adversary we will face... is ourselves. Quote2.png
Madame Xanadu

Justice League Dark #6 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2012. It was published on February 22, 2012.

Synopsis for "In the Dark, Post-Mortem: The Bloody Reunion"

Since each of them was involved in the fight with Enchantress, John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, and Shade, the Changing Man have all been having strange and horrific nightmares.

Constantine dreams that he had been scamming bankers with promises of deals with demons that could make them even richer, but somehow his bogus tricks had actually worked, and now the world is overrun by demons, running wild. he encounters Deadman and Zatanna, who berate him for having allowed this to happen. They had warned him not to meddle in things he couldn't control.

Meanwhile, Zatanna has nightmares of a spell gone wrong in which she is hunted by skinless corpses, grasping at her ankles. The bodies pile high and swarm her until they are in her mouth, and she can't even utter a protective spell.

In his dreams, Shade has been trying to create a new woman to be with him, using the power of his M-Vest. After the failure of his attempt to bring back Kathy, he hopes this new girl will not have the same effect of filling him with guilt. While he tries to think of a name for her, she suddenly transforms into a monster, and attacks him. In terror, he runs away, and tries to rip the vest from his chest.

Deadman, meanwhile has waking nightmares of his now ex-girlfriend, Dove, dead. He blames himself for whatever the cause was, until she suddenly disappears. Deadman realizes that he's in a nightmare, and decides that the cause is his having attempted to possess someone as disgusting as John Constantine.

Meanwhile, Constantine has made his way to see Madame Xanadu. Outside her apartment, he encounters Deadman, and the two get into an argument. Deadman believes that John killed June Moone, while John had in fact allowed the Enchantress to merge with her once again. Grumpily, John walks right through Deadman, and into the apartment, warning the ghost to stay out of his nightmares.

Inside, Constantine finds that Zatanna and Shade are already there. Zatanna is angry that he stole some spells from her, and ditched their hotel room. Consequently, she wants to reach into his mind and erase them from his memory. Shade thinks Zatanna's request is fair, but Constantine targets him, mocking him for his feelings of guilt over Kathy's death. Shade nearly lashes out with his M-Vest until Madame Xanadu intercedes.

It becomes clear that each of them has been having nightmares, though Xanadu would prefer to wait until Mindwarp is there before she explains. However, she soon gives in, and warns that the things they have experienced are more than nightmares. Suddenly, the monstrous creature created in Shade's nightmare crashes through the wall inexplicably. Zatanna tries to use her magic to make the creature go away, but it knocks her aside. Desperately, Deadman possesses Shade in order to face it. In a colourful blast, the creature is destroyed.

In the aftermath, Shade concludes that because it couldn't destroy him, it destroyed itself. Turning to Deadman and Shade, Xanadu congratulates them on working together. She explains that the nightmares are more than just that. They are glimpses of the possible future that might have come to pass if they had not fought the Enchantress together. They are also a hint of what new futures may come to pass if they go their separate ways. Somehow, this strange collection of people are tied together by fate, and if they are separated, calamity will follow. The most dangerous adversary they will face is themselves. As her explanation continues, a stream of blood begins dripping out from Xanadu's nose.

Reluctantly, the group decides to stay together, on the condition that they aren't required to like each other. However, Xanadu is still concerned, because Mindwarp is required to join them, in order to avert calamity. Suddenly, she collapses, screaming that Andrew Bennett is dead, which means that Cain, the father of all vampires is risen.

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