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"The Lords of Order, Chapter 3": Khalid Nassour tells about how he followed Nabu through a magical dimension after the Lord of Order forced Kent Nelson to imprison himself in the [[Helmet of

Quote1 You are all so brave. The Lords of Order see that. We honor that. We see the lives you have built from magic and wish this could go another way. We will allow you pass back to Earth, but only if we are allowed to strip you of all magic, all knowledge of magic and all memories of lifetimes tied to it. Those who agree will have a mortal life. Free of the dangers of the Otherkind and our business in the lands of fictions. You will never know magic again. But you will have your lives, you will have yourselves. Those who don't die now. Quote2
Sister Symmetry (Madame Xanadu)

Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #10 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of June, 2019. It was published on April 14, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Lords of Order, Chapter 3"

Khalid Nassour tells about how he followed Nabu through a magical dimension after the Lord of Order forced Kent Nelson to imprison himself in the Helmet of Fate. In another dimension, Nabu reunited with the other Lords to explain them the horror he saw with his eyes: as the heroes of Earth broke the Source Wall and now are going to fight a war against the creator of the Multiverse herself, they missed a darkness coming out of the break, a darkness that will try to consume magical beings to eliminate the barrier between the Multiverse and its Dark counterpart, allowing the rot of their home dimension to eat through the cosmos.

Nabu wants to stop them, and for him there's only one way to do it: he will allow them to enter and feast on the magical beings residing on Earth, meanwhile he will use his full power to raise the Towers of Order and he will find suitable hosts for all the other Lord to come to Earth. Then, he will travel with them to the Sphere of the Gods, destroying it for good. With no more magic on Earth, the Otherkind will starve and will remain blocked on Earth, unable to pierce and break the barrier dividing the Multiverse and the Dark Multiverse. Then, as last action, the Lords of Order will use their power to completely seal the Otherkind and the Dark Multiverse apart, sacrificing themselves in the process.

Khalid then gets spotted and tries, with no success, to make Nabu understand killing magic is not the real solution: all the Lords of Order agree in subduing him and even if internally Kent Nelson tries to come back, he's unsuccessful as well. Now, Khalid has been freed by Kirk and is in Myrra, explaining Nabu will destroy all the realms of fiction, like this or Gemworld, and then proceed to wage war on Heaven and Hell. After Swamp Thing convinces Bobo this is a lost cause, all the people on Myrra begin to organize a mass evacuation.

In Aeaea, Circe tells Zatanna she never realized she was following a path traced by her father all along, and that John Constantine was just a substitute of his father, knowing the whole plan and doing exactly what was needed for it to succeed and to put Zee in the right place, at the right time. Zatanna is enraged, and her fury attracts one of the Otherkind that is easily underwhelmed by the creativity of the sorceress. Circe tells them she and Mordru were contacted by Giovanni to explain him what were the origins of magic and that it's now time for Zatanna and Mordru to meet: he will come to Zatanna himself, she just needs to go home, and that she does. What she does not see is that Circe and the Upside-Down Man are allies: the witch now bears the power of Hecate and she wants to rewrite magic for her to control. She promised the Upside-Down Man a total war between magical beings to take advantage of and she's making sure all that is needed for the war to happen is going to become reality.

In Myrra, while trying to get back to earth, Sister Symmetry comes to all the refugees telling them they have to make an hard choice: going back to Earth without magic and without even memories or knowledge related to it, living a mortal life away from the danger of the Otherkind, or die here and now.

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