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"The Lords of Order, Chapter 4": Wonder Woman and Zatanna are in the Hall of Justice, the place Zee's magic took them to when she pronounced the formula "Ekat Su Emoh".

Quote1 Don't mistake me for an ally. I am Mordru. The Lord of Chaos. The only true Lord of Chaos. Quote2

Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #11 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2019. It was published on May 22, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Lords of Order, Chapter 4"

Wonder Woman and Zatanna are in the Hall of Justice, the place Zee's magic took them to when she pronounced the formula "Ekat Su Emoh". There, in a magical tavern invisible to other eyes and just completely not homogeneous with the rest of the Hall, sits the Lord of Chaos Mordru waiting for them. The two women try to reason with Mordru, but the man does not want to hear them. He ties both to chairs and tells them how magic came to be on Earth: he and his comrades bounded Hecate and than made her renounce to her power to take it for themselves. But his brothers decided magic was something to administrate with Order and started to bound it to books, formulas, wands and all other stuff. But Mordru knew the true, cruel beauty of magic: pure Chaos, forcing the universe to change and than, when he responds, hitting him right back in the face.

Wonder Woman is disgusted by Mordru: he's vile, violent, cruel and obscure. And the fact Diana resents him makes Mordru drool. He then proceeds to silence Zatanna, making her mouth disappear, and then he tells her that Giovanni was just a fool with a death wish: when he came to him to ask counsel, he flayed him over and over again but the man wanted his answers. Mordru knew he was going to die, and so gave him what he wanted, and the same he will do for them: he imbued the Ruby of Life with the power of Chaos Magic, to contrast the Otherkind. He then reveals he doesn't care if they win or not: he will live forever, as he is absolute fear and the one and only Lord of Chaos. Diana and Zatanna, now free, even if a little afraid of the idea, decide to allow the Chaos to flow through them, transforming them into new version of themselves.

Meanwhile, while Myrra dies, Bobo and the others escape in the Empire of Kor, a magical realm where the first Homo Magi lived and where the Ruby of Life was found. Here, they prepare for a final stand against the Lords of Order but surprisingly, Jason Blood comes out telling them they accept the proposal made by Sister Symmetry: they will renounce to magic, and all memories and knowledge related to it, for a chance at a normal, mortal life on Earth.

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