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"The Last Lord of Order": Kent Nelson remembers how he found the Helmet of Fate: his father, an archaeologist, spent all their money for a crazy expedition, trying to find proof of wizardry after he had a dream. Kent followed him in the Valley of Ur and the

Quote1 I'll advise your Justice League. I'll be your wizard behind the scenes with Khalid's help, and we'll help you set things right in magic. Quote2
Kent Nelson

Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #13 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 24, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Last Lord of Order"

Kent Nelson remembers how he found the Helmet of Fate: his father, an archaeologist, spent all their money for a crazy expedition, trying to find proof of wizardry after he had a dream. Kent followed him in the Valley of Ur and the two found what they sought: a wizard still alive controlled the mind of little Kent, just twelve, making him release a powerful gas venom that killed his father. In exchange for this sacrifice, the wizard gave him knowledge like an other and transformed him, advancing time to make him his peak adult version of himself. Then, he told him to use his power to destroy him, the wizard Nabu. Kent obliged, and doing this he destroyed the physical form of the Lord of Order, revealing only the Helmet, which now was his. A new hero, the hero of Order, was born: Doctor Fate.

Now together with Khalid in the Justice League Dark headquarters, Kent is sipping coffee and talking with Diana about the destiny of the Helmet: he reveals to the amazon that his wife, Inza, was scared of Nabu and she thought that the Lord of Order was trying to dehumanize Kent at the point where his husband wasn't going to have a voice in the choices Doctor Fate would make. Kent realized that many times, for the sake of Order, he just let the work speak for him, almost if there was no possibility of choosing between what Nabu wanted and anything else. Diana tells him that even if the ways of Nabu were wrong, they still need some kind of order as they broke magic while facing the Lords.

After Khalid says he's too young to fully comprehend the power of Nabu, and so he will not take it as he thinks it would be too easy for the Lord of Order to take complete control over it, Kent also refuses, telling Diana that Nabu evolved him into a man with the perfect mind to serve Order, and so he would not be the ideal man to use Nabu's power without the risk that the Lord of Order overtakes the whole thing once again. Diana, still convinced that Doctor Fate is a powerful symbol that must come back, accepts the opinion of the two magician and walks away with them. Unseen, the Helmet seems to react, angrily.

In the Oblivion Bar, Zatanna and John Constantine are having a conversation about Circe's revelations to Zee: the witch told her Constantine was recruited by her father as a teenager to do his dirty work, and that he brought on a plan of his father for the whole time with her as the key to save the world of magic. John tells Zatanna his father did recruit him out of an asylum in Newcastle, but also tells her he cannot say anything more as Giovanni used the most powerful of spells to make him keep the plan secret. Zatanna does not know if she wants to believe this. To prove to Zee that he's not lying, John tells her about why he was brought to an asylum: still in England with his band, Mucous Membrane, he tried to exorcise a demon possessing a young girl called Astra. He wanted to show off, and so he called forth an higher demon to banish the lesser, but he could not control it: the higher demon got rid of the other, then stripped Astra's very soul and brought it down to Hell itself, all in front of John's eyes.

He was completely destroyed by the experience, but then Giovanni took him under his wing, making him a pawn in his hands to bring the plan forward. Zee is too angry to believe him, and she tells him that she will find a way, together with Khalid and Kent, to break the silence spell John tells he's been affected from. Then, he will help her to free Giovanni Zatara from the prison the Otherkind put him in. But she wants to keep this straight and clear: she won't trust him anymore and she will maintain a relationship with him for his usefulness and not for anything else.

Meanwhile, in Aeaea, Circe receives her offer from Lex Luthor: a way to build a team to counter the Justice League Dark, a dark version of the Legion of Doom.

Appearing in "The Last Lord of Order"

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  • Apex Lex (Hologram) (Cameo)
  • Circe (Cameo)
  • The Great Mummy Khalis (First appearance) (Flashback only) (Cameo)
  • Nabu (Flashback only)
  • Nergal (Flashback only) (Cameo)

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  • The issue is divided into three chapters:
    • Chapter 1: The Last Lord of Order.
    • Chapter 2: Secrets & Origins.
    • Chapter 3: The Witching Way.

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