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"The Witching War, Finale": While Circe comes closer and closer to reaching the Black Diamond of Eclipso, hidden by Zatanna and Constantine with some kind of

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Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #19 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 2020. It was published on January 29, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Witching War, Finale"

While Circe comes closer and closer to reaching the Black Diamond of Eclipso, hidden by Zatanna and Constantine with some kind of magic, Diana makes her appearance, wielding the three aspects of Hecate in herself. She is three: the Wonder Woman everybody knows, her witch-marked version and the Diana possessed by the power of Chaos. The three face Circe and also try to contain an escaped Eclipso, but with the help and suggestions of Doctor Fate, now in the form of Khalid Nassour, Diana starts to bring things toward Order: she conducts Drakul Karfang to death once again, she restores the minds of Kirk and Bobo to their rightful state and then she takes a bold decision regarding Circe.

Diana transports Circe in the Collective Unconscious and there she gives her all the power of Hecate. She tells her she will trust one day her soul will finally renounce to live out of spite, and that the two of them will bring light and peace to magic. Diana comes back: she imprisoned Circe and Hecate's power in a mirror she calls "magic's moon", an enchantment similar to the one holding Eclipso in his Black Diamond. But then, she reveals to Zatanna that for doing this she had to make a deal with the Upside-Down Man and maybe her actions doomed everybody.

One week later, Kirk Langstrom is registering interviews trying to develop a scientific theory of magic, asking Diana what magic is for her. He already got answers: Constantine called it an "horror", Bobo "a curse", Khalid Nassour "a burden" and Zatanna didn't even speak. Kirk hopes Diana will bring some goodness on the matter. She tells him magic is wonder, and one can wonder for beautiful and good things, but also for nightmares and darkness. Magic is about choosing but also about being chosen. It's a complicated matter: magic can be loved and can be thrilling, but it can also scare you and take on nightmarish forms. But in it, Diana found a dimension, and friends that with her do the impossible. This was definitely the answer Kirk was looking for. In the end, Diana calls for the team to meet in 15 minutes: the next task is finding a way to bring back Swamp Thing.

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