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"The Parliaments of Life Part 3": Inside Buddy Baker's Duodenum

Quote1.png I am part of its seething, putrid fabric. Here, I am a God! Quote2.png
Anton Arcane

Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #22 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 2020. It was published on June 2, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Parliaments of Life Part 3"

Inside Buddy Baker's Duodenum

To ask for the help of the Divided, one of the five Parliaments, Buddy turned himself to a parasite living inside his own duodenum. The Divided represents in fact that life that cannot be seen, like microbes. In fact, when Buddy asks to speak with them, presenting himself as the guardian of the Red, the microbes unite in a new type of living form who can talk and interact with Baker, allowing him to speak. Explaining them that the Grey and the Green, living a symbiotic relationship, are trying to wipe out the Red with a fungi infection, Animal Man convinces the Divided that they should help them fight off the infection, as human and animal life is like an house for bacteria: they are as symbiotic as the Green and the Gray.

After obtaining help, Buddy comes back to his human form, telling Diana and the rest of the team about his success: Los Angeles starts getting back to normal, with the bacteria fighting off the infection.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Khalid Nassour, the current Doctor Fate, is in Tanzania to address the Masai Tribe, custodian of the secret regarding the avatars of stone, flame, waves and vapors. These avatars are key to be able to perform the rite that will bring back the Parliaments of Life to Order, and so Doctor Fate seeks their help. But seeing how things went the last time, the avatars are not so keen about listening to Khalid, questioning if Chaos maybe is the right way forward. Showing them how Buddy Baker obtained collaboration with the Divided, Fate hopes the avatars will listen to reason and once again side with Order, but still they doubt: they think the human race will always wage war against one another, no matter if the world itself rots.

But realizing why the custodian of the avatars told him to present himself like a man, and not a god, Khalid removes his helmet, telling them that the mortal's stories give them power, and nothing else. If humankind dies, they will lose any kind of shape, and lose the power they have because they will have no purpose. The avatars see the truth in this, so they accept helping Khalid, but tell him that things must change before the rite can be performed.

The Heart of the Rot

Zatanna is trying to fight Anton Arcane, who is in his home turf: inside the Rot, he's like a god. He makes quick work of Zee, telling her that now, with every Parliament in conflict, soon Rot will consume all and his power will become unstoppable. As she is collapsing, Zatanna sends out a request for help. Meanwhile, Constantine brought Abigail Arcane back, with the woman trying to understand if she should know him or not. She finally identifies him as the friend of Alec Holland, the Swamp Thing, her lover. Constantine explains someone trapper her in her own dreams, and she was asleep. He was trying to get her out. Knowing this, Abby asks him why Alec was not here with him to save her, and Constantine must tell her he died. Then, as Anton is taking Constantine, the Hellblazer tells to Abigail to not refuse death and loss, because that is equal to refusing the Rot.

She is her guardian and so she must embrace it: the Rot is not her enemy, but her true power. And so she does: embracing the power of the Rot, Abigail is able to face Anton for dominance while Constantine tries to rescue Zatanna. Then, as Diana, Bobo and Buddy see in the sky the SOS Zatanna launched, the whole team reunites in the Rot, ready to take down Anton Arcane for good.

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