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"A Battle Of Realities": Many years before

Quote1.png Always whenever you use magic remember... ... there is always a cost. Quote2.png
John Zatara

Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #25 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 25, 2020.

Synopsis for "A Battle Of Realities"

Many years before

A young Zatanna finds a dead rabbit inside a wood nearby her house. Sad at the image of a poor, innocent creature killed by a predator, Zatanna uses her magical powers to bring the rabbit back to life. Her father, who was searching for her, saw what she did and intervened, transferring the punishment Zatanna would suffer for her magic on himself. After struggling due to the pain, Giovanni teaches Zatanna an important lesson: magic is never free. There's always a cost.

Now, inside the Other Place

Zatanna and Diana are inside the home dimension of the Upside-Down Man, trying to find a way to free Giovanni from his prison. It won't be an easy task: the monster that rules over the Other Place is powerful, and determined to destroy Wonder Woman. In fact, Diana once made him a promise: to re-establish the equilibrium that was destroyed once Hecate disappeared. But Wonder Woman failed and now nothing will stand between the Upside-Down Man and the destruction of Diana's world. First though, he will kill the amazon, and the fight starts.

Inside the Hall of Justice

Kirk Langstrom is finishing his studies on samples of the new Swamp Thing, when the creature itself shows up, telling him to share with him what he learned about his new compositions, and powers. Swamp Thing wants Kirk to develop a serum able to amplify his powers, as all three of them will prepare to reach Diana and Zatanna to the Other Place. They cannot fail to deliver the final blow to the Upside-Down Man, or everything will be doomed. Bobo is outside, searching for a mysterious ally, and once he is finished, Kirk will get to the Other Place together with the Detective. Swamp Thing will now get to say goodbye to Abigail, as the memories of Alec Holland still live in him, and then he will get into the depths of the Green and thanks to it will be able to travel to the Other Place, as the Green exists in all dimensions.

Back to the Other Place

The fight against the Upside-Down Man is desperate: the creature is the Other Place himself, the very fiber of reality that composes the dimension is for the monster to command. Diana and Zatanna do not have any hope of winning, but they both persist, with Zatanna convinced that even for the Upside-Down Man, still magic will present a cost. While the enemy is ready to deliver the final blow, Swamp Thing reaches the Other Place and uses the power of the Green to deliver a mighty and unexpected blow on the Upside-Down Man, controlling briefly the reality of the dimension himself. He tells Diana and Zatanna that's the key to their victory: they will have to change the reality the Other Place represents. Once their comrades resolve the doubts and the questions they still ask to themselves, and reach them in the Other Place, the opportunity will be presented to the Justice League Dark to counter-attack.

Camden, London

Bobo thinks he nailed down the location of John Constantine, after he started to follow a trail the Hellblazer himself left him in case he needed his counsel. Entering a pub, the Chimp finds Constantine imprisoned in a vortex of tarots.

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