"The Cost, Part 1": Inside the Other Place

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Quote1.png It can't be! All that, and he's still standing! And we are broken. I did this... I brought us all here. We can't lose. Not after all this. What am I missing? Quote2.png

Justice League Dark (Volume 2) #27 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 27, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Cost, Part 1"

Inside the Other Place

Constantine is still alive, even if heavily damaged. He tells the Upside-Down Man he knows he fears the power of their Belief, and tells his comrades it's now time to unleash all their power. Diana asks to Circe to give her the power of Hecate she holds, while Swamp Thing asks Kirk to inject him with the serum he developed. Swamp Thing sacrificed his body to start a chain reaction in the Other Place, trying to force the rules of nature in it. Meanwhile, Khalid tried to bind the Upside-Down Man, with Diana and Zatanna unleashing all their powers on him. In the end, even Kent Nelson got back and, taking the Helmet of Fate, made Nabu concentrate all his power in one shot to destroying the monster. As Kent literally turns to dust, the Upside-Down Man roars, practically undamaged. Zatanna is stunned: how could he survive all that outburst of power, with Kent sacrificing for nothing?

Thinking about her father's words, about the Upside-Down Man being surprised of her power inside the Other Place, remembering all the experiences that led her here, she understood: while Diana was struggling in holding down the creature, Zatanna performs a long enchantement, and bonds her body and mind in an horrific fusion with the Upside-Down Man himself. Her comrades are in shock: what is she doing?

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