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A team created by the Justice League at the insistence of Vera Black after she helped save humanity from an enraged Earth, the Justice League Elite was designed to work in the shadows, with one absolute rule: No killing.


They fought multiple threats including a group of assassins known as the Blood Brothers who were intent on wiping out the population an entire country lead by a dictator as an example, Circe trying to seize the Spear of Destiny, and others before facing the Worlogog under the control of the personality of Manchester Black planted inside Vera's mind, an incident that resulted in their faked public destruction.

At one point it was revealed they had a member turn rogue and break their no-kill rule. Initially believed to be the reformed villain Coldcast, it turned out he was under the control of the real traitor, Menagerie.


Equipment: Shadow Thief's shadow suit, dummies for faking deaths, disguises.
Transportation: Mongoose Spirit
Weapons: Swords, magic axe and staff, bow and arrows, alien symbionts, cybernetic weapons.


Those members who were public heroes, namely Flash and Green Arrow, wore different costumes than their normal ones to provide deniability for their presence on the team. Additionally the team as a whole would often take fake identities for undercover work, in one case resulting in a clash with the JSA who believed them to be real villains.

Aside from their final mission, their only public appearance was in helping repel an assault by the Crime Syndicate of Amerika in the absence of most of the rest of the Justice League who was engaged elsewhere.


  • Kasumi, the group's assassin, was really a cover for Batgirl Cassandra Cain, planted by Batman to keep an eye on the team. To support this disguise she wore heavily scarred makeup under her mask, so even if demasked her identity would hold. In the cover identity 'Kasumi' is said to have killed 200 people by the age of 16.

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