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"Lost in the Worlds": On Earth 41, the Nimrod Squad confront Captain Carrot, believing he is responsible for the rot that has infected their world. However, Spore tells them that his enemy the Annihilator is responsible, having seized the crack and enhanced his own power. They decide to call in

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Justice League Incarnate #3 is an issue of the series Justice League Incarnate (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2022. It was published on January 4, 2022.

Synopsis for "Lost in the Worlds"

On Earth 41, the Nimrod Squad confront Captain Carrot, believing he is responsible for the rot that has infected their world. However, Spore tells them that his enemy the Annihilator is responsible, having seized the crack and enhanced his own power. They decide to call in all the heroes of Earth 41 for the fight.

The House of Heroes has crashlanded on a desolate world. Grail and Kalibak are searching for Orion, but The Batwoman Who Laughs warns them to leave just as she departs via Boom Tube. Kalibak suddenly realises where they are and calls off the search, telling Grail that they need to get out and that Orion and Justice League Incarnate are as good as dead. Thunderer, Mary Marvel and Dino-Cop pull themselves out of the wreckage and Thunderer tells them that they are on Earth 7, his home reality, now dead and given over to the Gentry.

On Earth 31, Blackbeard has captured the Flash, as he believes he can use her powers to track down the crack in the Multiverse, guided by his "chest of maps and tomes". Avery is rescued by the arrival of Captain Wonder and the Amazons, and together they defeat Blackbeard and his crew, They open his chest to find it is filled with comic books.

Meanwhile President Superman and Doctor Multiverse are stranded on Earth 33, which would ordinarily be impossible. Due to Earth 33's "fictive membrane" their powers are gone, but Superman believes he can still get a message to the others by publishing a comic book. They begin a relationship and move into an apartment, working to write their script. As time moves differently on Earth 33, weeks pass for them while mere days pass for their friends. Calvin meets an editor at DC Comics named Ulrich Saxman, who is unperturbed at encountering characters from his own comics and offers to help them.

On Earth 26, Batman has joined up with the Zoo Crew, and is hating every second spent in the bright cartoon universe. The Crew are cheerfully oblivious to his disdain and make him a full member of the Zoo Crew. To Thomas' undisguised relief, Avery (who has learned to use her powers to cross dimensions) comes to Earth 26 to rescue him.

Back on Earth 33, it has been two months for Calvin and Maya. They are either scripting events as they happen or subconsciously recording them and Calvin complains that it is out of character for Thomas to be so rude. He and Maya argue and it is clear they are having relationship issues. A few weeks later, they have broken up and Maya is in the process of moving out when they receive an email from Saxman commenting on their latest draft: he wants them to let Darkseid win. They meet with him a week later, now exactly 90 days since they arrived on Earth 33. Saxman argues that Darkseid's victory is necessary for the story, as it allows the heroes to overcome greater odds, but Calvin and Maya are adamant they will not do it. Suddenly, they hear Avery's voice and see an apparition of her and Batman appear. Avery cannot pass through the fictive membrane, but she believes that with Maya's help she can pull them out of Earth 33 and to Earth 41 where Captain Carrot has landed. They reach out to each other, when suddenly Ulrich reveals that he is Darkseid, who also crashlanded on Earth 33 and has been using the remnants of the Grandfather Box to pass himself off as human. He grabs them and is transported with them to Earth 41.

On Earth 41, the Nimrod Squad, WildC.A.T.s and Cyborg Corps are fighting the Annihilator, who has seized the crack. Darkseid and Annihilator fight over the crack, and Batman says that the only way to ensure the safety of the Multiverse is to close the crack. Despite Calvin and Avery's objections, Maya grabs the crack and it seemingly disappears, along with the Annihilator. However, Darkseid says that she has not closed the rupture but merely contained it, and Maya tearfully says that they need to let Darkseid win.

On Earth 7, a ragged Orion and Aquawoman find the others, and tell them that the Gentry have completed their Oblivion Machine. Dino-Cop says they will have to destroy it before they leave, but Orion tells him that the whole world is now the Oblivion Machine. Metal tendrils rise out of the ground to attack them, and the Empty Hand and Gentry appear, declaring that the Great Darkness is coming.

Appearing in "Lost in the Worlds"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Amazons (Earth 31)
    • Captain Wonder (First full appearance) (First appearance as Captain Wonder)
    • Donna of Troy
  • Cyborg Corps (Earth 41) (First appearance)
    • Armory (First appearance)
    • Stone (First appearance)
    • Strikewing (First appearance)
  • Nimrod Squad (Earth 41)
    • Fletch
    • Flintstein
    • Kal'amity
    • Point Break
    • Sepulchre
    • The Scorpion
    • Spore
    • Vague
  • Sturmer (Revealed to be alive)
  • WildC.A.T.s (Earth 41) (First appearance)
    • Maul (First appearance)
    • Spartan (First appearance)
    • Warblade (First appearance)
    • Zealot (First appearance)
  • Wetworks (Earth 41) (First appearance)
    • Dane (First appearance)
  • Zoo Crew (Earth 26)
    • Alley-Kat-Abra
    • American Eagle
    • Fastback
    • Little Cheese
    • Pig-Iron
    • Rubberduck
    • Yankee Poodle


Other Characters:






  • The Empty Hand is revealed to be another servant of the Great Darkness.


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