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The Justice League International was a United Nations-backed group of crimefighters, created five years after the Justice League's public debut.


The Signal Masters

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The United Nations' head of intelligence Andre Briggs launches Justice League International as a publicly-sponsored super-hero initiative. They are established to protect the Earth and restore faith in its government, using the Hall of Justice as their headquarters. This team includes Booster Gold as their leader with August General in Iron, Fire, Godiva, Guy Gardner, Ice, Rocket Red and Vixen.[1] Their first mission is the Signal Men, advanced robot scouts of an alien race that were buried for millennia before their activation.[2] The Signal Men alert Peraxxus, a fearsome galactic conqueror, to Earth's presence.[3] He captures the entire League and announces his plans to destroy Earth then harvest its resources for scrap.[4] By learning to work as a team, they are able to neutralize Peraxxus and disable the Signal Men.[5] Having completed their first mission successfully, Booster appeals to the U.N. and they are finally given public support.[6]


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During their public debut ceremony, a giant bomb goes off. Rocket Red, Andre Briggs and Emerson Esposito are killed in the explosion.[7] The terrorists responsible are a super-villain team led by Breakdown called the Burners, including Crosscut, Intersek and Lightweaver. They are officially disbanded by the United Nations, and Batwing temporarily joins the team to help out.[8] OMAC joins the team after fighting them while searching for a cure to his condition.[9] They also briefly team up with Firestorm to save the Eiffel Tower.[10] The Burners defeat them in combat, and take them prisoner.[11] Breakdown intends to stage a public execution, but they break free and defeat his team.[12] Holding a funeral for Rocket Red, they decide to continue so that he won't have died in vain. Batwing leaves. Batman arranges financial backing and a new headquarters for the team.[13]

Batwing later enlists their aid in taking down Africa's Lord Battle.[14] They are also seen investigating false leads when Harry Tanner is trying to distract Stormwatch from his own actions.[15]

In their last battle the team is disbanded. Blue Beetle and Olympian join the team, while Gardner quits over disagreements with Booster. Brother Eye returns to possess OMAC, and devastates the team until Booster takes him down. Booster's future-self appears while everyone else is unconscious, and tries to pass on a message but they both fade away.[16]


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