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"Collision Course": Suicide Squad member Nemesis lies in a Soviet prison after a failed attempt to capture dissident Zoya Trigorin. Watching the news broadcast of this event, [[Bruce Wayne

Quote1.png Y'know, I never noticed before what a lovely flag you soviets have. Who's your designer? Quote2.png
Guy Gardner

Justice League International #13 is an issue of the series Justice League International (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1988.

Synopsis for "Collision Course"

Suicide Squad member Nemesis lies in a Soviet prison after a failed attempt to capture dissident Zoya Trigorin.[1] Watching the news broadcast of this event, Batman, who has been on monitor duty at the JLI's New York Embassy for six and a half hours, broods over the fate of the man, while Amanda Waller warns Squad leader Rick Flag that the Soviets are baiting the Squad to return by making the capture of Nemesis public.

Flag proceeds to assemble a team for the rescue mission without authorization, raising Waller's ire. Waller suggests to President Reagan to call in the JLI to intercept Flag's team. Meanwhile, Red Star and the Rocket Reds feel that this matter should be handled by their country's own protectors, not the JLI. Waller is also concerned about the optics and visits Maxwell Lord in his hospital bed and asks him to keep the conflict secret. As always, he would prefer maximum publicity.

The JLI arrive at the prison. Nemesis is still in his cell, but has collapsed motionless on the floor. Batman demands that the cell be opened so that he can check the man's condition, provoking a conflict between himself and Martian Manhunter, who threatens to kick Batman out of the League.

Suddenly, the Suicide Squad arrives, determined to take back their teammate, even if they have to go through the League to do it. Meanwhile, the Soviet heroes near the prison.

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  • This storyline continues into Suicide Squad #13.
  • Waller seems to know Maxwell Lord but we don't know why or how yet.


  • Dmitri's armor incorrectly displays the number 13 instead of 4.
  • The covers to these cross over issues are two perspectives on the same fight.
  • Dmitri makes a reference to The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle which features two Slavic spies.

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