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"The Signal Masters: Epilogue": Batman meets up with Booster Gold during the night in Washington, DC. Their mission here is to find and give to the police the people who previously blas

Quote1.png My story is well known. I'm from the future. Where, sad to say, I messed up. Royally. But I'm here to make up for that. To help. 400 years from now, there will be fewer differences. A better time when countries and people will unify. Problems that seem major now will be long-forgotten trivia by then. But the way you screw-ups are handling things is beyond belief. The fools I see running governments jeopardizes that better tomorrow. There will be a Justice League International. Whether you want it or not. Quote2.png
Booster Gold

Justice League International (Volume 3) #6 is an issue of the series Justice League International (Volume 3) with a cover date of April, 2012. It was published on February 1, 2012.

Synopsis for "The Signal Masters: Epilogue"

Batman meets up with Booster Gold during the night in Washington, DC. Their mission here is to find and give to the police the people who previously blasted the Hall of Justice. After a short fight, the two guys are defeated, and Booster lets an explosive device blow up into his force field, so that it doesn't hurt anybody. As the terrorists are arrested, Batman tells Booster that he's the leader and it's up to him to let the JLI continue existing.

Meanwhile, in Peru, Guy Gardner, Rocket Red and Ice are analyzing and destroying the remains of the Signal Man. Guy and Ice argue about Booster: while the Green Lantern criticizes him, Tora defends their leader, saying that they are alive just because of him. Red steps in approving what Ice says, and then he enters the giant's iron head. With his viewer, he manages to download some of Signal Man's data, but Gardner interrupts him saying that it's time to destroy the head.

Meantime, in New York, Godiva is teaching August General in Iron how do they live in America. As he never ate an hot-dog, she offers him one. They sit on a bench, and the General asks Godiva why is she so different and "vivacious" when they are all together. She gets mad at this question, and he begs her pardon. Suddenly, a van points at them, but the General stops it thanks to his iron armor. In the crash, the driver is shot out of the vehicle, and, on the ground, says that they can't stop the bomb he was driving with. Godiva uses her superpower, her hair control, to enter the bomb and disconnect the detonation cable. Fortunately, she chooses the right one. After that, the couple meets up with Fire, Vixen and Booster Gold at the headquarters of the United Nations in order to convince president Bao and the members Sidorov and Faber that the JLI must be officially declared a UN authority. Booster's speech doesn't convince them enough, but when the General says that he's honored to work with such a team, Bao is persuaded.

Some weeks later, Andre Briggs officially presents to the world his Justice League International, in front of a meager audience. As the heroes go on stage, a bomb blows up killing a number of people.

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  • United Nations Global Security Group
    • Chairwoman Bao
    • Faber
    • Sidorov
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