"Four Against the Dark": Blackfire and Rapture's troops drop onto the Ghost Sector planet Aeolon, determined to put not only Darkseid to the sword - but the [[Justice League Odyssey (Prime Earth)|Justice League Odyss

Quote1 Without life, I am nothing. My power is meaningless without anything upon which to exert it. And I was obliged to dupe you, Green Lantern. Your kind never deal with me in any other terms. Our histories are too ugly and tainted. Quote2

Justice League Odyssey #8 is an issue of the series Justice League Odyssey (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2019. It was published on April 10, 2019.

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Synopsis for "Four Against the Dark"

Blackfire and Rapture's troops drop onto the Ghost Sector planet Aeolon, determined to put not only Darkseid to the sword - but the Justice League Odyssey as well.

On the planet's surface, Cyborg has Darkseid in restraints and they question his motivation. Darkseid, however, questions their morality. While they were playing "Heroes and Villains", Darkseid tells them that he is trying to save life itself. As proof, he has the Other Box show the "Heroes" the approaching end of the Multiverse - the hole in the Source Wall[1] ; the G.L.C.'s attempts to repair the Wall,[2] Perpetua and the coming Final Darkness sweeping across space.[3]

Darkseid says that he now tells the truth: through Hypertime planning, the Other Box had manipulated the history of the Ghost Sector as well as Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael so that they came together here and now. It was up to the J.L.O. to complete Darkseid's work, find the final components, and build what-Darkseid-called Sepulkore. Sepulkore was to be the Ghost Sector's lifeboat - with Darkseid in charge.

Kory is the first to argue for aiding Darkseid, as Tamaran is one of the planets that would be saved. And as Darkseid himself points out, it was the Justice League that caused the destruction of the Source Wall[1] and further reduced Darkseid's power[4] to the point where he needed their help; time to make amends. They think on it for a second, but too late. Ten thousand troops descend on their position and engage. A stray shot frees Darkseid, who Booms out with Cyborg in pursuit.

Blackfire and Rapture reach the J.L.O.s weakening position, and Jessica Cruz and Starfire fall. Only Azrael is left standing, but instead of fighting he reaches within and commands the assembled troops to "STOP! CEASE!"... and they do. Kory points out that Darkseid foretold Jean-Paul had the voice that binds. Rapture stands in rapt attention, forced to listen to every word.

Far across the Ghost Sector, a Boom Tube opens and deposits Cyborg outside an ancient temple, marked with an ominous Omega. The temple was both for the end times, and for Darkseid. Looking for Darkseid, Cyborg enters the temple but only finds indigenous life weaponized by Brainiac's nodes; and they are determined to "Prevent Sepulkore".


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