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Quote1 This is what we're fighting for. The right to be out here in the world, visible and unafraid. There are going to be bad days, and we'll lead the fight for everyone that follows us--we're also following the people who fought for us, and we owe it to them to make the most of days like this. We're not just sharing this fight. We're showing our pride. Quote2

The Justice League Queer or JLQ is an informal, ad-hoc group of LGBTQIA+ superheroes formed and led by the sorcerer Extraño (Gregorio de la Vega).[1] As the first out-and-proud superhero, Gregorio wanted to ensure that those who follow are never as alone as he was.[2]


DC Pride

Syl and Aqualad's first meeting during a Pride Parade was interrupted by the villain Eclipso, who made it rain on their parade, using magic to feed on the negative emotions that LGBTQ+ people tend to cultivate throughout their lives, such as pain, rejection, rage, anxiety and fear. Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of the Justice League Queer led by Gregorio de la Vega himself and brought about by a portal created by his pupil Syl, and especially to the combination of Syl and Jackson's powers in joining their hands to dispel the enchanted rain, they were able to defeat Eclipso and bring pride back.[1]

'Tis The Season To Be Freezin'

During a holiday celebration, Syl, Gregorio, and his husband Tasmanian Devil hosted the Justice League Queer at The Sacrarium (then in the Amazon Rainforest), but the team meeting was surprised by Minister Blizzard's attack, aided by a mysterious "goddess" called Icemaiden.

The proximity of Sigrid Nansen, the Icemaiden, who the Tasmanian Devil should have gone to rescue and returned bringing her along with Blizzard, had stirred Syl's powers, lessening his connection to nature. But it was Syl who helped Icemaiden see the good in her by making her understand that her icy powers were a necessary part of life's renewal, and she rebelled against Blizzard, adopting the new name Glacier inspired by Syl, and helped the JLQ defeat the icy super-villain.[2]


  • The team originated from DC's Round Robin in which they weren't picked as the final result.

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