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The Justice League Task Force was a covert strike force made up of members from the Justice League International and Justice League Europe.


United Nations representative Hannibal Martin petitioned members of Justice League International to embark upon a special covert mission. Although still sanctioned under the team's UN charter, the nature of the mission was one that required stealth and discretion. Hannibal tapped the Martian Manhunter to lead this specially appointed task force and allowed him the ability to choose his own teammates. The initial group included former JLA members Gypsy and the Flash. Later missions included heroes such as Maxima, Nightwing, the Ray and Triumph (and many others). Initially, the membership of the JLTF was rotating and based on the needs of a particular mission with the roster finally becoming stable under the Martian Manhunter with Gypsy, Despero/L-Ron, The Ray, Triumph, and Mystek.

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