"Justice League Canada, Part 2 of 5": On the prison moon of Thalsalla, Hawkman challenges the Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo in order to win freedom for his fellow inmates. While Lobo is distracted with him, he orders [[Alanna Lewis (Prime

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Adam Strange

Justice League United #1 is an issue of the series Justice League United (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2014. It was published on May 14, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Justice League Canada, Part 2 of 5"

On the prison moon of Thalsalla, Hawkman challenges the Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo in order to win freedom for his fellow inmates. While Lobo is distracted with him, he orders Alanna Lewis to take the others and run for their lives.

Back on Earth, the remnants of the Justice League of America are in battle with a monstrous alien giant. In the confusion, Dr. Adam Strange is knocked down into the alien base it came from. After recovering, he discovers a wall full of space-suits, and realizing he's out of his league with the super-heroes above, he takes some initiative. Unfortunately, his attempt to play hero gets him knocked miles away. While Animal Man gets Green Arrow a safe distance away, Stargirl uses her Cosmic Staff as a distraction while Martian Manhunter tries to connect with it telepathically.

He determines that it was a failed experiment; a creation of hybrid DNA. It was kept alive only so that it could serve the purpose of protecting the scientists who made it. Soon, the creature senses J'onn's presence and tries to expel him from its mind, running away with J'onn still trapped in its body. Worriedly, Courtney chases after him.

Alanna and her fellow escapees run afoul of some Khundian guards, and in the hope that they share a similar anatomy to humans, she kicks one of them in the groin and takes his gun to shoot his companion. As she hurries on, she is distracted suddenly by the sound of Adam Strange's voice. Meanwhile, as he fights Lobo, Hawkman demands to know who hired the Czarnian this time.

Oliver and Buddy spot Adam Strange sitting atop a rock in a stream, hoping that they managed to stop the creature without him. When he learns that Stargirl went after it alone, he powers up his jetpack and prepares to lead the way. Sighing, Oliver realizes that - once again - he will have to be carried.

Having chased the creature half way across Canada, Courtney realizes that just blasting it with her staff isn't doing much good. She will have to change tactics. She tries flying into the creature to find J'onn. Using the remnants of their psychic connection, leftover from their time together during the villain uprising. She successfully pulls him out, but she can't do anything to stop the creature from continuing on its path of destruction. Her staff only changes its form. J'onn explains that the creature cannot be reasoned with - so if she can give him a form he can punch, all will be well. After four tries, she finally gets wood, and J'onn smashes it to splinters.

"Uh... They don't have three moons in Canada, Right?"

Happily, Courtney rushes over to give J'onna a hug as their friends finally catch up to them. Unfortunately, the creature begins reconstituting itself. Before they can do anything to stop it, though, they find themselves transported unexpectedly to another world - the Desert of Nagalis, on the planet Rann.

Happily, Alanna runs into Adam's arms, but he grabs her arm and warns that he'll kill her if she tries to pull another stunt like her escape again. She realizes quickly that he isn't Adam Strange at all. He is Lord Byth in disguise, and he explains that he has been using all of the prisoners' DNA to create a baby that will one day grow up to be Ultra the Multi-Alien, slayer of worlds.



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