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"The Infinitus Saga: Conclusion": Despite having stopped Infinitus, the Justice League United and Legion of Super-Heroes are still in danger. Brainiac 5

Quote1.png Infinitus was meant to absorb that payload! Without him, the results will be catastrophic-- I--I've just doomed us all-- I've opened a black hole! Quote2.png
Brainiac 5

Justice League United #10 is an issue of the series Justice League United (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 11, 2015.

Synopsis for "The Infinitus Saga: Conclusion"

Despite having stopped Infinitus, the Justice League United and Legion of Super-Heroes are still in danger. Brainiac 5 had launched an explosive weapon into the rift in time and space as a contingency plan, but now its detonation has begun turning the rift into a black hole. Meanwhile, Byth Rok escapes Colossal Boy's grip, and grabs Equinox, dragging her back toward the rift, promising to take her back to the beginning. Stargirl chases after them, not willing to lose Equinox, but the pull of the black hole's gravity is too strong. Fortunately, Supergirl survived the rift, and manages to pull the two girls out, leaving Byth to fall into the singularity.

Despite the Legionnaires' efforts to weaken the black hole's pull, they can't keep up with its growth, and its gravity is beginning to pull in Rannian ships. Brainiac warns that if they can't control it soon, the entire planet of Thanagar will be destroyed. Hearing this, Hawkman speeds toward the citadel on Thanagar. Confused, the heroes on the planet's surface see him, and see the anomaly in the sky, unaware of what had happened with Infinitus. Cosmic Boy explains, warning them to begin evacuating Thanagar, but Dream Girl intervenes. Her precognition has revealed that the best course of action is to move the planet Thanagar into Rann's airspace. Brainiac 5 notes that the Zeta-Beam could make that happen. He orders Sardath to call on every ship with Zeta tech on it to get back to the Polaris System and train their beams on Thanagar. He then has White Witch cas an amplification spell to make the Zeta energy powerful enough to reach Thanagar's core.

Soon, the plan is in action, and White Witch channels the energy from the Zeta Beams into the planet, moving it next to Rann, and saving every live residing on it. Despite the diplomatic implications of the move, the environmental factors seem to be well-suited to the planets' survival. Even though the Legion saved the day, Brainiac 5 worries at what the changes they made here will do to the landscape of the 31st Century. He is interrupted in recording his diary entry on the mission by Supergirl, who warns him that the others are ready to leave. After she's gone, he admits to his recorder that he wonders if his fate with Kara will be changed by what happened.

After rejoining the others, Brainiac approaches Dream Girl, noting that they need to discuss how she disobeyed him by coming back to the past. Annoyed, she reminds that they'd all be dead if she hadn't. Smirking, he responds that what he wanted to discuss was turning leadership over to her in the next Legion elections. Meanwhile, Dawnstar confides in Miiyahbin that it was an honour to work with her, explaining that she is quite familiar to her - and acts as an inspiration to aboriginal women for centuries into the future. Before leaving, Brainiac 5 promises that he can try to help Ultra, given that 31st Century medicine might be better suited to the boy's needs after J'onn wiped his mind. Alanna Strange interrupts to note that she hasn't switched places with her husband Adam in a while, and Brainiac admits that he fixed their problem earlier, sending her back to Earth, where she reunites with him, happily. With all done and resolved, the Legion returns to their own time in their Time Bubble.

Alone, the League returns to Earth, leaving Hawkman to play diplomat on Thanagar for the time being. Needing a rest, they decide to part ways, for now, with Green Arrow and Animal Man returning to their homes in the U.S., and the girls staying behind to hang out with Miiyahbin and meet her friends. J'onn, in the meantime, stays behind at the base to clean up - after giving Alanna and Adam some time to get reacquainted.

Despite their victory in the present, though, Byth Rokk made it back to Thanagar in the year 10,000 BC - and is preparing to start over.

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