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The Justice League Unlimited team was formed out of the original Justice League some time after Darkseid's second invasion of Earth.


Meeting the new Batman

The Heart of the Matter

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Fight with the Tomorrow Knight

At some point, it was renamed the Justice League Beyond.

Carson Jatts broke into the Justice League Watchtower and merged with the Mentachem Wand. He was able to escape to Gotham City, but the League caught up to him. Desperate, he took a mall hostage. Unfortunately, Batman didn't want them involved.[2] A fight broke out between the league and the Dark Knight; Batman was able to hold his ground until he realized he was wasting time. He agreed to a team-up as long as they followed his lead. At the suggestion of Bruce Wayne, they bypassed the polytritanium surrounding the mall by going through the decommissioned elevated train station underneath. Unfortunately, they found that Jatts, now going by Matter Master, had encased his hostages in copper.[3]

While Batman secured the hostages, the Justice League attempted to fight the villain. Carson wound up losing control of his powers and started having a meltdown. Batman directed his allies to amp him up, then having Green Lantern contain the blast. This resulted in Carson transmuting himself into copper, seemingly killing him. Afterwards, the league came up to him and once again asked him to join them. He accepted their invitation, but with some conditions.[4]




  • The team "Justice League Unlimited" should not be confused with the "expanded Justice League" that was featured in the somewhat confusingly named Justice League Unlimited.

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