Rogues 01

The Rogues at lunch

Many of the super-villains of Central City gather together in a local hangout to discuss their woes. Each of them are upset that their plans have been constantly foiled by the Flash. They agree to work together to bring
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Captain Boomerang

Flash and Substance is an episode of season 3 of Justice League Unlimited. It premiered on February 11, 2006.

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Synopsis for "Flash and Substance"

Rogues 01

The Rogues at lunch

Many of the super-villains of Central City gather together in a local hangout to discuss their woes. Each of them are upset that their plans have been constantly foiled by the Flash. They agree to work together to bring the Flash down once and for all. They plan to strike at a special ceremony at the Flash Museum honoring the town's greatest hero.

At the Justice League Watchtower, Flash wants to invite his teammates to the celebration, but Batman and Orion are the only ones available. Surprisingly, Batman agrees to attend.

Flash returns to Central City to prepare. While running through the city, he hears a cry for help coming from an abandoned skating rink. When he arrives however, he finds that it is a trap set by Mirror Master. Mirror Master activates a disco ball that fires laser beams at the Flash while playing music from a nearby jukebox. The Flash outruns most of them, but a few manage to tag him. While an image of the Mirror Master taunts him, Flash scoops up a CD from the damaged jukebox and slings it at the disco ball, shattering it. The Mirror Master disappears and Flash leaves.

The Flash later attends the Flash Appreciation Day ceremony at the Flash Museum where Central City's mayor awards him the key to the city. Suddenly, dozens of explosive boomerangs begin raining down from the sky. The Flash deflects many of them, but they all return back to assault him once again. He then uses his body to create a small whirlwind that destroys the remaining weapons. The origin of the deadly projectiles is Captain Boomerang. Boomerang sends a large, remote controlled boomerang-shaped vessel that slams into the Flash and drags him across the city. Flash disables the ship's controls and it crashes into the street. Batman and Orion arrive just as the Flash brings the weapon to a stop. Batman tells him that the other Rogues are planning an attack against him, and they are going to help him out whether he wants their aid or not.

Later, the Rogues gather together on a rooftop to discuss their next strategy. Captain Boomerang complains about how much his super-boomerang is going to set him back, while Captain Cold remarks that attacking the Flash one by one is a foolhardy tactic. The Trickster wants to attack the Flash with exploding fake vomit, but the other Rogues ignore him. Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang take off on flying hover-cycles, leaving the Trickster behind. Miffed, Trickster shouts to them that he is quitting.

Meanwhile, the Flash, Batman and Orion meet back up at Flash's apartment. Flash quickly changes into a fresh costume and the three of them stake out the villains' local hangout on 4th street. Most of the costumed foes present quickly scatter as the heroes enter the room. The only one who remains behind is the Trickster. Batman and Orion try to intimidate him, but Flash uses his own, calmer methods of talking to the disenfranchised criminal. The Trickster tells him where the Rogues are going to strike next.

Flash Appreciation Day 01

Flash Appreciation Day

That night, the Flash attends the grand opening of the Flash Museum. News crews gather round, and reporter Linda Park tries to get an interview with the Flash. She is obviously enamored with him, but the Flash is too busy signing autographs to pay her much attention. The Mirror Master and the Rogues are hiding inside of the mirror in Linda's compact. When she opens it, they leap free of the reflective surface and begin terrorizing the museum. As pedestrians begin fleeing in terror, Batman and Orion enter the museum. Mirror Master begins firing at Batman with a laser weapon, while Captain Cold concentrates his attack on Orion. Captain Boomerang fights the Flash, but Wally easily overcomes him. He then races around trying to nab Mirror Master, who has now created mirror duplicates of himself to fool the Flash. The Flash finds the real Mirror Master however and punches him in the jaw. In the midst of chaos, Linda Park trips and falls into a broken piece of mirror. She is instantly teleported to a mirror dimension and the Flash dives in after her. The dimension they find themselves in is filled with millions and millions of mirrors, but only one mirror is the doorway back to their home dimension. The Flash scoops Linda up and begins running, testing each mirror, hoping to find an exit.

Back at the Flash Museum, Batman and Orion continue to fight the three Rogues. Mirror Master tries to sneak up behind Batman, but he knocks him into a wall. Captain Cold freezes Orion inside of a huge mound of ice. Captain Cold then freezes Batman's legs and he falls to the floor. Batman turns and fires a signal flare across the room. The Rogues laugh at him, noting that he missed, but the Rogues weren't his intended target. The flare lands on a broken piece of mirror and enters the mirror dimension. From the other side, the Flash sees the flare and now knows which mirror will lead him back to Earth. He races through the mirror and back into the Flash Museum. He frees Orion and Batman from Captain Cold's traps and together they defeat the Rogues. Orion turns Captain Cold's freeze ray against him, and the Mirror Master is trapped inside of a shattered piece of glass. Captain Boomerang is easily disarmed and apprehended. After the battle, the Flash conducts an interview with Linda and several other reporters. Orion now believes that he understands why the Flash is so aloof. "You play the fool to hide a warrior's pain", he remarks. Flash corrects him citing that the villains were captured and nobody was harmed. To him, that is simply "a really good day".


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  • This episode reveals that in his civilian identity, Wally West is a crime lab technician. In comic book continuity, it was actually Wally's predecessor, Barry Allen who held this position, not Wally.
  • Both Mister Element and Doctor Alchemy can be seen in the bar in the beginning of this episode. In comic book continuity, Mister Element and Doctor Alchemy are the same character.
  • One of the items on display at the Flash Museum is the helmet of Jay Garrick, the original Flash.

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