While Black Canary personally takes down a group of smugglers robbing a warehouse, her partner Wildcat is busy fighting in a ring with a supervillain, with a female narrating the action as it is being overheard through a smuggler's laptop computer.

Quote1.png Fighting is what I do, alright? It's all I was ever good at and I'm still good at it. I'm Wildcat. The guy who fights. Quote2.png

The Cat And The Canary is an episode of season 2 of Justice League Unlimited. It premiered on February 5, 2005.

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Synopsis for "The Cat And The Canary"

While Black Canary personally takes down a group of smugglers robbing a warehouse, her partner Wildcat is busy fighting in a ring with a supervillain, with a female narrating the action as it is being overheard through a smuggler's laptop computer.

Realizing that Wildcat needs help, Black Canary meets with Green Arrow in the training gym on board the Justice League Watchtower, who gives her some fighting lessons as the two of them flirt with each other, promising that what she needs him for is for a good cause. Soon the two of them ride through a city street on Black Canary's motorcycle, with Green Arrow hanging on to her as she fills him in with what Wildcat has been doing: engaging in Meta-Brawls with supervillains or physically-enhanced meta-humans. However, Green Arrow lets go of her when she says she fears that something is going to happen to Wildcat, and is more suspicious of Black Canary's motives when she asks for a thousand dollars in order to purchase tickets to the Meta-Brawl matches. In the meantime, Wildcat tries to tell Roulette, the Meta-Brawl match entrepreneur (and narrator heard in the beginning of the episode), that he's going to quit because it's interfering with his work. Roulette, however, entices Wildcat to stay because she says the Meta-Brawls are the only place where he can get any respect as a hero.

At the Meta-Brawl match arena, Black Canary and Green Arrow in their civilian identities sneak into Wildcat's dressing room in order for her to get the aging hero to see what he's become: a proverbial rooster in a cockfight, providing entertainment. Wildcat expresses his disgust at being stuck on the Watchtower, being called on cases with lesser frequency, and the fact that he doesn't have any of the fancy superpowers like even his former trainee Black Canary has. Black Canary sees that the Meta-Brawls have become an avenue for Wildcat to take out his frustrations on superpowered beings, and fears that he may be kicked out of the Justice League for that -- or worse. Green Arrow offers to help Black Canary get Wildcat out of performing in the Meta-Brawls, but seeing that reasoning wasn't working to get him to leave, they'll have to get him out the hard way -- as superheroes.

During Wildcat's match with Atomic Skull, Black Canary and Green Arrow appear on the scene to interrupt the fight, only to find themselves fighting off Roulette's goons and a whole slew of supervillains waiting to get their licks in. Black Canary, finding herself and Green Arrow overmatched, then proposes to Roulette to have a match between herself and Wildcat; that if she wins, Roulette will ban Wildcat from cage fighting forever, and if Wildcat wins, Black Canary will never bother him again. Roulette accepts the challenge, but Wildcat is less than pleased over the prospect of having to fight one of his former students and vocally expresses this to Roulette. She threatens Wildcat with the promise of "putting him out to pasture" if he refuses or dares to even throw a fight, which makes him pound a hole in the wall with his fist. In a dressing room, as Black Canary prepares herself to fight Wildcat, Green Arrow dares her to look him in the eye and say all that flirting she did with him wasn't a game. As she does, Green Arrow knocks her out with a gas-tipped arrow and then tells Roulette's men that she will still get her match.

Soon Roulette announces to the audience a change in the program: Wildcat was now going to fight Green Arrow instead of Black Canary. Wildcat is even less pleased to hear that, seeing that Green Arrow is not even much of a fighter. However, as the match begins, Green Arrow taunts Wildcat to hurt him again and again, offering very little resistance. Black Canary comes to and, realizing Green Arrow has duped her, races to the cage match in order to stop the fight, only to deal with Roulette's goons. Soon an infuriated Wildcat delivers a knockout punch that leaves Green Arrow lifeless on the mat, with no pulse. Though the crowd cheers and Roulette sees this as an opportunity to make millions, Wildcat humbly expresses that this time he's going to leave Meta-Brawl for good.

Later on, alone in the center of the arena, Black Canary curses Green Arrow for doing something pigheaded and macho -- and yet very sweet -- as she leans over his face to kiss him when he awakens. He reveals that he has used a stunner to put himself in temporary metabolic stasis, in order for Wildcat to see what it's like to kill someone with his bare fists. Wildcat says that it worked as he helps carry a wounded Green Arrow out of the arena. Roulette, however, tells Wildcat that he knows his type and that he's going to crawl right back to her and fight again. Black Canary tells Roulette that he will fight again, but not in her arena. To underscore this statement, Black Canary stands in the center of the arena and takes down the whole place with a sonic "canary cry" burst.

On board the Watchtower, Black Canary sees Wildcat enter a treatment room with J'onn J'onnz to deal with his fighting addictions, then is joined by an ambulatory Green Arrow who asks her to join him for coffee, saying this time she's buying. She smiles at him as she accepts.


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