"Meltdown": Continuing their worldwide quest, Rumaan Harjavti convinces the Champions of Angor to take out the Soviet Union's nuclear power sources next. Meanwhile, the [[Justice League International (New Earth)|Justice Leagu

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Blue Beetle

Justice League #3 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1987.

Synopsis for "Meltdown"

Continuing their worldwide quest,[1] Rumaan Harjavti convinces the Champions of Angor to take out the Soviet Union's nuclear power sources next. Meanwhile, the Justice League, inside Blue Beetle's Bug, have been hovering just outside Bialyan airspace for hours when the radar finds the three other-dimensional heroes heading into Soviet airspace and Blue Beetle hits the brakes. The Martian Manunter is worried that the attackers would be assumed to be Americans due to a similar misunderstanding between the Green Lantern Corps and the Rocket Red Brigade,[2] so Batman insists they pursue and the Reds immediately spot them and engage.

Guy Gardner ignores orders and leaps to attacks while the other Leaguers try unsuccessfully to reign him in or convince the Rocket Reds of their peaceful intentions. Fortunately, Maxwell Lord calls General Secretary Gorbachev who orders the Rocket Reds to intercept the three Angorians and ask the Justice League to assist.

The Russian nuclear power plant tries to shut down before the attackers can arrive, but does so too fast, causing imminent core meltdown. The Rocket Reds stop fighting and ask the Justice League for help. They arrive at the power plant where more Rocket Reds are trying to convince the heroes to leave. Just as they strike and the Justice League arrives, the plant begins to rumble, alerting all of the danger. Wandjina incapacitates everyone with a windstorm and bursts into the plant. He manages to safely shut the reactor down but passes out due to radiation sickness and is attended to by Soviet doctors.

The Rocket Reds take the Champions of Angor for medical attention and confinement and order the Justice League to immediately depart. The League return to their headquarters where they meet Maxwell Lord who introduces them to their new member Booster Gold.

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