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"The Villain's Journey, Chapter Four: Rescue From Within": In the Valley of Souls, members of the Justice League each encounter the spirit of a deceased loved one. Wonder Woman is confront

Quote1 It's time to be the team they thought we were instead of the team we've been these last five years. Quote2

Justice League (Volume 2) #12 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2012. It was published on August 29, 2012.

Synopsis for "The Villain's Journey, Chapter Four: Rescue From Within"

In the Valley of Souls, members of the Justice League each encounter the spirit of a deceased loved one. Wonder Woman is confronted by the spirit of Steve Trevor, who tells her that she's too late. The spirits attack the League, and Graves appears. He tells the League that he plans to destroy the Asuras' temple, releasing all the spirits, and reuniting the world with their dead loved ones.

Graves is then shot from behind, by none other than an alive Steve Trevor. With Trevor being alive, the League discovers that the spirits are not of their loved ones, but demonic parasites called Pretas, which feed off the living's pain. They were using Graves as part of their plans. Graves clung to the story of empowerment by his deceased family because he could not face the their deaths. Green Lantern and Cyborg weaken the Pretas, while Aquaman delivers the final blow, successfully exorcising the demons out of Graves.

The next day, Wonder Woman visits Steve Trevor in the hospital. She laments that she has put him in danger, but Steve becomes irate - he was a soldier for years before she and people like her appeared. She offers her apologies, but Steve rebuffs them, demanding that he be left alone.

In the Watchtower, the Justice League reflect over the events that occurred during their conflict with Graves. Aquaman and Batman argue about Batman's ability to lead the team, but Green Lantern short-circuits the argument by saying he will take the blame for the fight and leave the team publicly. The League fails to convince him to stay, as he teleport away. They discuss Graves' degenerative condition, which they realize must have come from exposure to Apokoliptian substances during the Darkseid Invasion. Aquaman vows that the team must become better.

On the roof of a building in Washington, D.C., Superman finds Wonder Woman. He explains that the League got worried after she never came back from the hospital. She explains that she feels a loneliness, and she and Superman discuss their similarities. The two feel a mutual attraction and kiss.

In Belle Reve prison, David Graves has been incarcerated. He is visited by the facility's warden, Amanda Waller. She says that the Pretas have delayed the effects of his condition somewhat, and hands him a typewriter, suggesting he write a book while in prison entitled "How To Defeat The Justice League".

David Graves begins working, titling the book "The Villain's Journey" instead.

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