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"Forever Lost": Thirty years ago on Earth 3, the Wayne family was leaving the Monarch Theatre, while young Bruce whined about all of the things he wanted that his parents were not buying for him. His parents ignored him until they heard the click of a revolver.

Quote1.png Ultraman is vulnerable for the very first time. This world is either taken over by him or it's taken over by me. These are your only options, Richard. Will you help me stop the Crime Syndicate? Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 2) #25 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2014. It was published on December 11, 2013.

Synopsis for "Forever Lost"

Thirty years ago on Earth 3, the Wayne family was leaving the Monarch Theatre, while young Bruce whined about all of the things he wanted that his parents were not buying for him. His parents ignored him until they heard the click of a revolver. To their surprise, the gun was in the hand of their elder son, Thomas, Jr. Grimly, he warned that he and Bruce would never listen to them again, particularly if they intended to throw all of their money away.

When Bruce realized that Thomas was serious about the plan they'd concocted together, he begged him to stop, but he would not. Bruce tackled his brother to prevent him from murdering their parents, and the two boys wrestled on the ground. Their fighting was stopped suddenly as two shots rang out from someone else's gun, dropping the Wayne parents in an instant. A third, final shot dropped Bruce. Alfred Pennyworth had fulfilled the plan. That night, Thomas heard the call of an owl, and to him, it seemed that it was asking him who are you? In answer, Thomas took up his dropped gun and aimed it at his dying brother, and announced that he was Thomas Wayne, Jr.; the richest boy in Gotham City.

In Chicago of this world, the mob bosses of the United States meet, as most of their cities have been levelled by super-villains. They have been rejected by the costumed villains as useless. The bosses hope that they can come up with something to offer Ultraman that will gain them access to the Crime Syndicate. The meeting is raided suddenly by Owlman, who seeks to start over in this new world, with a new family. After murdering the families' bosses, he takes two of their followers aside and offers them the chance to run the families' remains under his control - but only one of them can accept the offer. Of the two, Owlman selects Frank Bertinelli, branding him with the symbol of the owl so that he doesn't forget that organized crime is now organized under Owlman.

Elsewhere, Grid reports how the Teen Titans were sent into the future after an altercation with Johnny Quick. He warns, though, that others will follow. Announcing Nightwing's identity created a bait for his allies to be lead to the Syndicate - not to mention some of those who wish to kill him instead. Owlman is not among them. He wishes to see Grayson kept alive. He orders Grid to turn off the cameras as he enters Nightwing's chamber, intending to coerce him into becoming his partner in crime, as before. Despite the fact that he thinks it is a fool's errand, Alfred aids his master in this.

The Graysons of Owlman's world were very different people from this Richard Grayson's family. They were money launderers who ran a corrupt circus. They were murdered. As this world's Batman came to see Richard Grayson as his son, so had Owlman with his Richard.

Now, Thomas, Jr. visits the captured Nightwing and offers him some water. Rather than drink, Dick demands to know who he is talking to. Calmly, Owlman removes his cowl, introducing himself as Thomas Wayne, Jr. He admits that while he knows that Dick is not his Richard Grayson, this is his chance to do right by getting Dick's help to do something different with his life. In the meantime, Dick breaks free of his cuffs and attacks, demanding to be set free. Owlman responds that there is nothing out there for him, given that his identity has been revealed. His Chicago apartment has been levelled. His friends have been hunted. The world he knew is gone. And all Owlman wants is the chance to save this world from the Crime Syndicate - with Dick's help.

He intends to take control of this world and clean it up; end its crime permanently. While Ultraman's goal is to enslave the planet in the goal of amassing more power for himself, but Kryptonite on this world is limited, and he is vulnerable. The world is either taken by him, or taken by Owlman. So, Dick has two options. Let Ultraman win, or join Owlman in stopping the Crime Syndicate. After a moment's pause, Dick agrees to join him. Satisfied, Owlman chains him back up.

He recalls how his relationship with Richard had fallen apart when he learned that Thomas Wayne, Jr. was responsible for the Graysons' deaths. This time, he has a better plan to fix his family.

Unbeknownst to him, Superwoman had been eavesdropping on his conversation with Nightwing, and now, slyly smiles to herself.

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