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"Drowned Earth: Part Two": The Hall of Justice

Quote1.png I am the one who called the Sea Gods down here to Earth, with a little help from my allies, the Legion of Doom. See, it's time for new leadership, Ocean Queen... heroes old and new, there is nothing left for you here... but death. Quote2.png
Black Manta

Justice League (Volume 4) #11 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of January, 2019. It was published on November 7, 2018.

Synopsis for "Drowned Earth: Part Two"

The Hall of Justice

Batman is trying everything to reach someone who could help in the crisis, as he lost contact with everybody: even the powers of Jarro cannot reach a single ally. When he starts losing the hope of contact, Flash reaches him, telling that he's with Superman, fighting off the rest of the team which was turned into sea monsters. Flash informs Batman they were not able to damage the space kraken responsible for the poison in the water, and Superman was damaged by the attack of the kraken's master, an alien sea god named Drogue. After he finishes telling him that, Flash and Superman are both captured by Swamp Thing, but Mera comes out of the ocean and helps them get free: with Atlantis fallen, Mera was the only one able to not transform thanks to his aquakinetic powers.

The Queen of Atlantis might have a way to counter the action of the invaders: the Ocean Master gave her a relic, the crown of Atlantis' ancient hero Arion, that will lead them to Arion's tomb. Inside it they should find the Tear of Extinction.

In Space. The Blood Reef, headquarters for the Triumvirate of Sea Gods

Arthur Curry is still prisoner of the invaders, who are ready to kill him, throwing him into a space whirlpool: as they do it, Wonder Woman appears drifting on it and saves Aquaman. Then, with the key for the Graveyard of the Gods, they open a passage to the Graveyard itself, hoping to find Poseidon. Aquaman lost his powers, stripped away from him by the alien sea gods and given to Black Manta: it seems his powers, the same Arion had, were key for the defeat of the Triumvirate in the past. Even if Diana does not agree with Arthur's point of view, she agrees to follow his plan: find Poseidon, and make him restore Arthur's power.

Inside the Graveyard of the Gods

Diana and Arthur arrive at the Graveyard, and they face its guardian, the Trigris. Then, they find Poseidon and learn that Cheetah, thanks to her claws bathed in the Tear of Extinction, killed him. Then, surprisingly, as Arthur asks the Olympian to restore his powers, Poseidon pierces Aquaman with his Trident.

The Atacama Desert, inside the Tomb of Arion

Superman and Mera discuss about how the queen feels towards what happened to Atlantis during the crisis: the city was completely submerged and all its inhabitants turned into monsters. Mera cannot shake her guilt off, and Superman is afraid this is making her judgment cloudy. Also, Flash was bathed in the poisoned water and he's holding off the transformation only thanks to his Speed Force, but it won't be for long. As they enter the tomb, they find out someone already breached it, taking the Tear, and then Black Manta appears, with the powerful weapon in his hands. He reveals he now possesses the powers of Aquaman, making him the true ruler of Earth's oceans, then he orders to Drogue to drown the three heroes.

Back to the Hall of Justice

With Batman alone, the Legion of Doom attacks together, searching for the Totality. The destiny of the Multiverse could change, and it's all in Batman's hands...

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