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"Escape from Hawkworld: Part One": Inside the Hall of Justice

Quote1.png For the Multiverse to survive, some things must stay secret. Isn't that right, my love? Kendra, I'd like you to meet my husband, Katar Hol. I believe your world called him the Savage Hawkman... now... kill her. Quote2.png
Shayera Hol

Justice League (Volume 4) #14 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of February, 2019. It was published on December 19, 2018.

Synopsis for "Escape from Hawkworld: Part One"

Inside the Hall of Justice

After the Earth was drowned, the Legion of Doom was able to steal the Totality back from the League, gaining once more a great advantage in the conflict between Doom and Justice. Batman is ready to go to the extreme to gain the upperhand once again: he will try to force memories out of Starman's mind using Jarro's powers, and connecting his own brain to the one of William Payton, boobytrapped by Lex Luthor. As he starts the process, Superman and Wonder Woman intervene, with Clark unlinking Jarro from Starman: the instability in Payton's brain and the power he possesses could kill Bruce. Both Batman's friends tell him he must not feel guilty for the fact the Legion took the Totality once again, and that they will find a way together to counter.

On Thanagar Prime

In the conflict for the Totality, Martian Manhunter saw disturbing visions about his race, the Green Martians. Also, Kendra Saunders, the Hawkgirl, discovered her wings were linked with the mysterious power of the Totality, as they changed their aspect and assumed a mysterious pattern. Because of all this, J'onn decided to invite Kendra and John Stewart in a mission on Thanagar Prime, where another Green Martian, The Keep, lived. She was the Martian tasked to accumulate all the history and culture of her race in her mind, and she might have answers about what they are trying to discover. The Keep lived on Thanagar Prime because the planet acted as a secure vault for many artifacts and secrets of several races of the universe, that's why the planet is heavily hidden and defended.

Once there, the Leaguers are welcomes by the new empress of Thanagar, ascended to the throne after the mad Onimar Synn was defeated: she is Shayera Hol. As J'onn asks information about The Keep, Shayera has to communicate to him that the Green Martian died after he left to help Earth in the fight against Barbatos: once again, J'onn is truly now the last of the Green Martians. Shayera excuses herself for lack of sensibility: she should have sent a message on Earth to bring the bad news to J'onn. Learning this, Kendra still asks to Shayera if anyone on Thanagar can explain the transformation of her wings, showing them to her: Shayera reacts in a strange way, but then tells Kendra she has no idea of why the wings transformed, and that no one on Thanagar will be able to help.

Shayera then once again asks the Leaguers to forgive her, as they come this far without obtaining nothing. Still, as the Justice League saved the universe many times, she must offer them hospitality: they are free to stay as much as they want on Thanagar Prime. She also invites them to take part in a local festival to be celebrated that very evening. Once alone, Kendra tells his teammates that there's something going on with Shayera: she should be one and the same with Kendra, as they are both the reincarnation of the same person, but for the action of some dark power they live as separated beings. But their link clearly made Kendra aware that there was something going on behind the scene, something Shayera wanted to keep away from them. They must insist, and force the answers out of the Thanagarians.

As they organize to approach Shayera once again, Kendra consoles J'onn, who is saddened by the fact he is once again the last of the Green Martians. Hawkgirl tells the Manhunter that M'gann, even if a White Martian from a genetic standpoint, grew up under The Keep, who taught her the culture and traditions of Green Martians. J'onn should consider her one of his kind. The Manhunter accepts this counsel, finding it sincere. Then, Kendra proposes to him to come and dance with her, so that they might share a better point of view on Shayera. Initially, J'onn seems eager to accept, but then he changes his mind when a memory of his wife resurfaces. He goes away, leaving Kendra alone.

Shayera, after seeing the scene, confronts Kendra, telling her she clearly feels that there's more in Hawkgirl's relationship with J'onn. She also confesses she knows about her connection with Kendra, revealing she can share Kendra's feelings sometimes, too. Kendra then reveals her hand: she tells Shayera she knows something is kept out of the League's sight, and she will do anything to discover what this secret is. Then, Kendra touches the empress, and when she does that, she has a vision: The Keep, locked inside the core of the vault of Thanagar Prime. Learning the old Green Martian is alive, Kendra knows the League is in enemy territory and transmits her images to John Stewart through J'onn, so that they both know what's going on.

As she does that, Shayera calls for her husband to intervene: Katar Hol, also known on Earth as the Savage Hawkman. Shayera explains the League that all the universe is aware of their presence on Thanagar Prime, and that all the universe agree on one thing: if the League keeps trying to find the secret beyond the Totality, the entire Multiverse could be in danger. Some secrets are better left unknown. And now, they pushed too much and they are about to get killed by Hawkman.

Back in the Hall of Justice

Starman is reacting to the actions of Batman: his power triplified, and his mind is about to explode. The problem is, he stores so much energy inside of him that with the explosion, he endangers the entire planet...

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