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"Escape from Hawkworld: Part Two": On Thanagar Prime

Quote1.png Your friends are about to learn a story that hasn't been told in billions of years. A story that could destroy the universe itself. The story of Perpetua. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #15 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of March, 2019. It was published on January 9, 2019.

Synopsis for "Escape from Hawkworld: Part Two"

On Thanagar Prime

As Katar Hol, the Savage Hawkman, thinks he is holding Hawkgirl in his hands, ready to kill her, all the Thanagarians find out they were deceived: Martian Manhunter was able to enter their minds, tricking them. The three Leaguers are instead hidden in J'onn's former room in Thanagar Prime, where he retired while he lived on the planet. They masked as Thanagarian guards, and now they have to plan how to enter the legendary vault of Thanagar Prime, the safest place in the universe. Also, J'onn notices that he was able to penetrate all minds but the one of Katar Hol: the Hawkman was not victim of his illusions. Could it be that Katar was not following Shayera's orders?

Still, the three must find a way to access the vault quickly, as the enemy must be aware of the trick now. Thanks to J'onn's knowledge of the place, he is able to make a strategy: John Stewart, thanks to his willpower-made ring, creates a construct with the properties of Kryptonite, substituting it with a special piece of Kryptonite which was carried inside the vault by two Dominators. In fact, the vault was accessible only to members of races who booked their access before, to store a powerful artifact approved by the Thanagarian government.

Hidden inside the very own construct of John, which passed the security check of the vault, the Leaguers are able to access the place, and J'onn makes contact with The Keep's mind. As Kendra fights Shayera, and John is menaced by his very own Corps colleagues of being arrested and suspended, the Manhunter reaches The Keep, and learns the secret she could not reveal while he was there the first time. Onimar Synn and Shayera were never enemies: the current empress is just continuing the work of the former ruler. The Keep was kidnapped by the Thanagarians because of her powerful memory, so that they might use a powerful weapon made of Nth Metal called the Absorbascon.

Normally, the Absorbascon is able to produce memories, like a recorder playing a projection. But with the Source Wall breaking, the Nth Metal gained power and the Absorbascon itself became so powerful that it could make memories real, if a creature with enough mental capacity could be found as host. Shayera needed someone to hold the memories of the entire Thanagarian race, so that she could create Thanagar Prime with the Absorbascon and free the memories of all Thanagarians. This was done for one simple matter: Shayera also had to store an ancient secret held by Thanagar, a secret about the Multiverse itself. If she could store the secret inside The Keep, she was free to forget it, together with her people, freeing them of a terrible responsibility while keeping sure no one would ever discover it.

This secret is the focal point of all that is happened to the League on Thanagar, and also the reason why all the universe created and stored on Thanagar Prime weapons able to destroy the Earth. This secret is about a Multiverse which came before this one, and about the creator of that previous Multiverse.

On Earth, outside the Hall of Justice

Thanks to Superman absorbing part of the energy, and Wonder Woman wrapping her lasso around him, the League was able to stop Starman from exploding with power. The hero, now once again in control, explains them he never wanted to hurt anyone with his power, and thanks them for stopping him in time. He then tells them that the Multiverse is screaming in agony: it's injured, and needs healing. But most importantly, it must be kept away from her, as Starman clearly feels those eyes once again pointed on creation. The League is about to discover the true history of the Multiverse, the story of Perpetua.

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