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"Escape from Hawkworld: Conclusion": Inside Thanagar Prime's vault

Quote1.png The Totality broke the chain of resurrection, splitting you between two lives simultaneously. Perpetua didn't want you whole. She was afraid of what might happen if you were there to face her at the end. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #16 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of March, 2019. It was published on January 23, 2019.

Synopsis for "Escape from Hawkworld: Conclusion"

Inside Thanagar Prime's vault

The Keep, the one Green Martian holding the whole history of her people, is dying. She needs to tell J'onn J'onzz everything before she passes away: Krona and the Maltusians found out that inside all myths of known civilization, a common figure was hidden. A mother of a previous Multiverse made to be perpetual, never dying. She was Perpetua, and for the current Multiverse they know to live, she had to fall. Krona understood that the secret of Perpetua, that could be discovered thanks to the true meaning of her symbol, must be hidden from everyone, because if she ever comes back, the Multiverse would be condemned.

Evolving into the Guardians of the Universe, the Maltusians hid all the secrets about Perpetua in Thanagar Prime, creating the vault. But then, they also discovered another thing: Perpetua, after creating her Multiverse, created a race to function as her army. A predatory race made for war. The Guardians tracked the origins of this race to the solar system where Earth and Mars stood, and discovered that the Martians and the Humans were the two halves of the original species, separated when Perpetua was defeated. This was another secret to hide, but some human scientists discovered what was the true destiny of humanity, and so they produced a plan.

They reached back in time, and kidnapped one Green Martian to bring on Earth for experiments: that Martian was J'onn himself. That's why he was the only one able to survive the curse of Mars, and that's why he remembered himself caged when he was just a boy. He was the one the humans studied, and the one which allowed them to create the abominations they found on Earth, a wrong tentative to recreate the alpha race. The Manhunter is shocked by all the truth he learned, but he has to believe they are true.

Meanwhile, Shayera and Kendra fight between one another, with Katar Hol still having a strange behavior. Also, several members of the Green Lantern Corps came to Thanagar Prime to suspend and arrest John Stewart, but the human Lantern convinces Kilowog that Shayera is committing a crime against the universe, holding a Green Martian as prisoner against her will. The Corps side themselves with John and help him in the fight, when The Keep dies and gives all her knowledge to J'onn. Thanks to it, the Martian frees Shayera from her obsession, which was using the powered-up Absorbascon to recreate Thanagar and most of its inhabitants, massacred during Despero's attack.

Shayera reveals all the guards, and Katar too, are created from memories thanks to the Absorbascon: they were a way to let her forget the pain. As Kendra pleads for the Corps to let her free, Starman and the Justice League transport themselves there, with Payton shining with the Totality's power. Starman uses his refound power to give to Kendra a piece of her soul back, divided and transformed to Shayera by the dark seven forces of Perpetua to stop Hawkgirl from fulfilling her destiny. Now Shayera is truly another being, not anymore part of the reincarnation cycle, and can concentrate on bringing Thanagar back to glory in the right way. Kendra, with her identity finally complete, is now ready for her role: repairing the Source Wall.

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