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"Old Frontier": Mars. The Sh'anne Valley

Quote1.png Both of us were taught to forget the pain, the regret... but that regret, the hurt, it's who we are, too. It allows us to reach higher together! Come with me! We can do this, side by side! Quote2.png
Martian Manhunter

Justice League (Volume 4) #17 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of April, 2019. It was published on February 6, 2019.

Synopsis for "Old Frontier"

Mars. The Sh'anne Valley

The Sh'anne valley is a holy place for Martians: they used to come there every ten Martian years, to let their bad memories be devoured by the Quonars, an ancient race of dragons which consumed thoughts of remorse and loneliness. At the chant of Sh'anne Sh'anne the Martians released those thoughts, in front of a symbol now J'onn truly knows, the symbol of Perpetua. In the present, J'onn invited here Lex Luthor, in hope he can help him find information about a child who was friend to the Martian while he was imprisoned on Earth. Lex accepted the invitation for one thing: he wants J'onn to come to the Hall of Doom and learn about Perpetua, who is about to be restored by the Legion.

Lex, of course, decided to bring a device to suppress J'onn's telepathic powers, and also did everything to suppress any telepathy at any frequency, including the one set by a hidden Jarro. Lex knew he could not trust the Manhunter. But soon, J'onn reveals to Lex he was using Jarro to hold the Quonars back, and now they are attacked. Finding a refuge, J'onn tells his story and request to Lex: he needs to know about a kid named Albie, who helped him escape from death when he was kidnapped from the timestream by a team of human scientists. In truth, J'onn knew who that kid was all along: Lex himself. The Blackhawks, after capturing Lionel, deleted all their memories about their experiences together, and The Keep deleted J'onn's memories about those moments as well, to protect him.

Lex and J'onn were friends, and helped each other in the past. There is good in Lex Luthor, J'onn knows it. He just wants to make Lex remember, and maybe change his mind about bringing Perpetua back to life. As Lex escapes and gets back to the Hall of Doom, J'onn returns to the Hall of Justice, telling Batman he does not know if Lex changed his mind. Luthor tells then his teammates that he learned nothing useful from the Martian. Then, retiring to his chambers, Lex found himself remorseful and guilty about his relationship with J'onn, but in the end decided his mission for Doom was more important.

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