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"Legion of Doom, Part Four": The Hall of Doom

Quote1.png It's time for this universe to meet its maker. It's time for them to tremble at doom's might. Together, we will show them the meaning of faith. Now... hold the orb in your mind... and turn it. Quote2.png
Lex Luthor

Justice League (Volume 4) #18 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of April, 2019. It was published on February 20, 2019.

Synopsis for "Legion of Doom, Part Four"

The Hall of Doom

Lex connects his body to the mind of Brainiac: to access the sixth of the seven forces, he needs Brainiac's knowledge to combine with his desire. Brainiac, of course, planned about this and is ready to take control of Lex's body to use it as a puppet, but Lex expected this as well, and wants to show to Brainiac the whole story of the Totality, and of the doorknob he found which opened his mind.

He makes Brainiac realize that at the dawn of men, the very doorknob Lex now holds dear was a fragment of the Totality once again tracked by the only human being who understood that the object phasing to time and space was key to the destiny of all creation: Vandal Savage. Savage then studied the Totality to predict when, in time, the object would fall on Earth. During his immortal life, Vandal consulted all the great minds, from Arion to Ares, and then when the time for the Totality to come approached, he found a man with great potential, who Savage felt understood the Totality in a deeper way. It was Lionel Luthor, Lex's father.

Lionel discovered of the seven forces, and with his studies found out how to bring five of them to life: the Still Force, the Invisible Spectrum, the Tear of Extinction, the Graveyard of Gods and the Imps of the Fifth Dimension. He brought his discoveries to Savage, but in the meantime he kept secret some experiments he did, because he understood that the Totality would bring to humanity an opportunity of elevation, an opportunity Savage wanted extinguished. But thanks to Lex himself, with him not remembering it due to the actions of the Blackhawks, his secret plans were revealed, with Savage punishing him by deleting his memories and his intelligence.

In truth, Lionel had a plan B: he hid the Totality fragment in the form of a doorknob, inside the legionnaire's club he went to while he was in Kansas. Of course, after his transformation he became an hollow man, a shadow of himself, and he could not access the doorknob. But Lex did, and the journey towards Doom started back. Now, Lex showed this to Brainiac to make him understand: just like Vandal Savage, Brainiac lacks the faith in Doom to encounter Perpetua. Lex could trigger a virus he uploaded in Brainiac right now to kill him, but he wants him to empathize with him, following advice from the Batman who Laughs.

Sharing his emotions with Brainiac, he convinces him about having faith in Doom, and together they turn the doorknob to finally release Perpetua from her prison...

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