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"The Sixth Dimension!, Chapter 1": At the Daily Planet, Clark Kent is scalded by Perry White for having written nothing on the "nutso alien Sea God attack", so the journalist writes it up at light-speed and leav

Quote1.png It's far bigger than us, yes. And it's terrifying. For me, too. But we reach higher, Bruce. We're the Justice League. And you're Batman. Say it with me. "I'm Batman." Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #19 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of May, 2019. It was published on March 6, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Sixth Dimension!, Chapter 1"

At the Daily Planet, Clark Kent is scalded by Perry White for having written nothing on the "nutso alien Sea God attack", so the journalist writes it up at light-speed and leaves, as he's being called to the Hall of Justice by Batman to discuss a way to track the Legion of Doom.

Meeting at the Hall of Justice, the Justice League manage to lure Mister Mxyzptlk inside the Black Diamond that was capable to contain Eclipso. Mxyzptlk acknowledges that he can't get out of the diamond, but he unleashes, thanks to his fifth-dimentional powers, the city of Metropolis on the heroes in the form of monster-buildings and cars. While the imp is having his fun, he realizes something is off, so Superman explains that Martian Manhunter is telepathically making his subconscious repeat his own name backwards, effectively neutralizing his abilities. As Mxyzptlk understands that the whole attack wasn't real, he also claims to understand the reason he was called upon: to counter the "baddest mischief of all"...

At the Hall of Doom, Brainiac informs Lex Luthor that the Justice League is trying something to stop their attempt to wake Perpetua, the mother of all Multiverses in the Omniverse.

Back at the Hall of Justice, the heroes try to convince Mxyzptlk to help them reach the Fifth Dimension and fix the Multiverse. Unfortunately, Mxyzptlk explains that ever since they broke the Source Wall, imagination is running wild, slowly killing the Fifth Dimension. The location they need to reach isn't Mxyzptlk home world, then, but an even deeper one: the Sixth Dimension. This is a place only the most powerful beings in the Multiverse can access, such as the Monitor, the Omega Titans or Perpetua herself, and which acts as the "control room" and origin for the Multiverse. This is also where the original beings re-form after they are destroyed, like the World Forger likely did after the Justice League fought the invasion of the Dark Multiverse.

This place is usually impossible to access for a lesser being, but now that the Source Wall has been torn down, Mxyzptlk claims to be able to open a door to it. Also, the only one among them capable of surviving the trip would be Superman, because of the fifth-dimensional energy Mxyzptlk infused in him over the years, knowing this would happen (since the Fifth Dimension exists outside time). Batman tries to stop Superman from leaving, claiming that this is too much and that they know too little to jump in the dark, but Superman seems confident everything will go smoothly. Mxyzptlk opens the portal, and Superman steps in it.

The Justice League start debating on how long it might take for Superman to come back, when the portal opens up and an older version of the hero comes out, apologizing for taking so long. Martian Manhunter confirms it is him, and Superman explains he has spent a decade following billions of threads of possibilities, and finding the one road to save the universe. He asks for some of the League members to follow him in the Sixth Dimension, to show them, now that he has set the energy portal to handle their signatures. Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter decide to follow him.

After the dimensional jump, the heroes find themselves in a future reality where -as future Superman says- "they won": in front of them, they see future versions of themselves and an idyllic landscape.

Somewhere else, in the darkness, what seems to be the present day Superman stumbles in corpses, realizing that the galaxy he jumped into was nothing but a trap. As he sees no way out, he surrenders to despair.

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