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"The Totality, Part 2": The Past. In a Town Hall in Kansas

Quote1.png By shield of day, and shield of night... we feed and grow, beyond all sight... your darkest self shall be our knight, wield the sword... of unseen light! I am John Stewart, head of the Ultraviolet Corps, and now you will all die! Quote2.png
Ultraviolet Lantern (John Stewart)

Justice League (Volume 4) #2 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2018. It was published on June 20, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Totality, Part 2"

The Past. In a Town Hall in Kansas

Lex Luthor received an invitation from a legionnaires club in Kansas, where his father Lionel spent his time if he was not drinking. Out of curiosity, and of hatred, he hardwired the building in explosives, dressed himself in an invisible protective suit, and then went inside, letting the other club members just enough time to escape the place before going boom. But while they escaped, Lex noticed that those men believed there was only one entrance inside the building, while he clearly saw another. A door with a strange doorknob, a symbol on its front...

Right Now. The depths of the Multiverse, near the collapsed Source Wall. The ship of John Stewart

John Stewart has just captured Greelok, and he's ready to transfer the prisoner to the Corps, so he asks for authorization. While the cell is prepared, Greelok tells John he saw that he brings a blue flower of Xanshi with himself, uses to keep bad thoughts away. Does he feel that, too? The membrane getting weaker, the things beyond the Source Wall getting inside their Multiverse. What dark things he's trying to keep away from his mind? In that moment, the flower transforms into Swamp Thing, knocking Greelok unconscious.

Stewart shut down all comms but the one with the Corps, so Batman used Swamp Thing's connection with plant life in the whole universe to reach him. He wants him to join the Justice League as soon as possible, as they need his knowledge and his leadership to deal with the Totality. Days ago, from space, this mysterious object reached Earth and took the shape of a head: it sends out a code that could be key to reshape the Multiverse, now dying because of the Source Wall rupture. Earth needs John Stewart the soldier, and John Stewart the architect. The second one seems to be missing lately.

John answers to Bruce about why he's trying to remain far away: he made a mess in Xanshi which led to the death of millions. J'onn was there with him, and so Stewart asks for his forgiveness, with the Manhunter telling him he already forgave him before delivering the message. As the League is battling a version of Killer Croc mutated by the Totality, John shut down the comms without telling anybody his decision.

One of the Earth's veracity points, where the laws of physics fail. The Legion of Doom headquarters

Lex welcomes his comrades inside a new base underwater, where he explains them what is the next step of the plan: seven hidden forces that shaped the Multiverse were kept from reaching it by the Source Wall. Those seven forces represent what each of them sought for their whole lives, without knowing. They are the ultimate weapon to use against their nemesis. And for Grodd's satisfaction, one of those forces was already in Lex's control: the Still Force, in the body of a baby. Lex, he tells them, understood the truth behind, the one thing no one ever said to them as humans: they were not little creatures, made to fear the powers beyond the stars. The Source Wall was not their protection. It was their enclosure, a barrier that denied them their destiny, their fate: to be the ones ruling the universe. But he found out everything, and his role is now clear...

Inside the Hall of Justice

As John Stewart still has not made a statement about his intention to join or not the League, they must prepare without him: the Totality must be reached and analyzed, before someone does it in the League's place. Batman made a first debriefing, focalizing on the energy signatures the Totality gave out, and their effects on Killer Croc's physiology: the results show that only Superman and Martian Manhunter have the traits to survive the exposure for enough time to study the Totality. Given this, Batman miniaturized himself and a ship, and now he's currently travelling inside Clark's body, with a bit of embarrassment. Still, it's the only way to have protection and being in the Totality's zone: he will be Superman's partner, while J'onn chose Hawkgirl to be his, as he thinks Kendra's previous lives could be key for the mission.

The two approach the Totality and enter it, already feeling the effects of the powerful, and enigmatic, object. Meanwhile, John Stewart has been reached by Sinestro, revealing him he just unlocked one of the seven forces, the Invisible Spectrum, becoming the first member of the Ultraviolet Corps. And someway, somehow, Sinestro made John convert: former Green Lantern John Stewart now is the leader of the Ultraviolet Corps, powered by the darkest, hidden emotion of living beings. Soon after, John attacks the Hall of Justice. Also, without knowing it, Superman has another little guest inside his body: his longtime nemesis, Lex Luthor himself!

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