"The Sixth Dimension!, Chapter 2": The 6th Dimension. The House of Justice

Quote1.png The simplest dimension is a point. The next is a line. It extends that point along a single vector, moving it toward wherever it's meant to go. Or it can be a thread, a bridge, or even a threshold that once crossed... will change everything, forever. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #20 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of May, 2019. It was published on March 20, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Sixth Dimension!, Chapter 2"

The 6th Dimension. The House of Justice

The League is welcomed by future Superman to a much bigger, much bolder version of the Hall, the House of Justice. The heroes are in awe, especially Flash, but of course question must be asked. Superman explains that they were successful in pushing the Multiverse towards Justice: the truth is, they will never be able to stop Lex from awakening Perpetua, but the point is they should not. The answer is to speed up the process, then fight to lead it towards a specific direction: the Multiverse will be remade, and that's final, but the thing is how it will be remade. They found a way to transform it in the incarnation of Justice, and now this is the result.

Superman explains what Perpetua truly is: beyond a Multiverse, its creator is a Super-Celestial, beings tasked with the creation of Multiverses who will evolve, and then be judged. If they reach a final form of harmony, they will be judged worthy of existing and they will live. If judged otherwise, they will be stored inside a bank, locked away from reality. But one of those Super-Celestials, Perpetua, decided to make a Multiverse using seven dark energies, the same Lex is gathering, so that her Multiverse could live forever, never to be judged and free to evolve in any way she liked. The way of Doom.

Her three sons, known to the League as the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor and the World Forger, did not agree with her actions, and decided to denounce her to the other Super-Celestials: she was imprisoned in the Source Wall, and the Multiverse was remade by the three sons, now accordingly to the normal process. Now it's the time for the Multiverse to evolve in its final form: it can be in the way of Justice, a perfect harmony judged worthy by the superior forces, or in the way of Doom, becoming a weapon for Perpetua to use against her sons and everyone beyond them. Thankfully, they found the way to follow the route of Justice. Superman tells them to explore this new version of Earth, then tomorrow they will speak about plans.

Every member goes in different parts of this beautiful heaven: Blackhawk Island became an intergalactic port for all species in the Multiverse, where J'onn and Kendra help sustain and create old and new species. Hawkgirl and the Manhunter are married, and they have a son, Shayne: after understanding their roles in the great evolution of the Multiverse, J'onn the one of shepherd and Kendra the one of the messenger bird, they also found out this roles bonded them in a way so strong, they just fell in love. Even if both the J'onn and Kendra of the past are a little embarrassed, they are astonished by how beautiful the Island is, especially seeing that the Green Martians were recreated, and repopulated Mars.

John and Flash are together with their future versions: Barry now controls both the Speed Force and the Still Force, and he collapsed Hypertime in the great war, then remaking it. John Stewart became a White Lantern and an architect of whole new worlds. Him and Barry, they work together with all the great minds of the Multiverse to rebuild creation and improve on what already exists. Diana is on Themyscira: the island was remade after the war to be an hub for truth and knowledge for all the Multiverse, where even a new Multiversal language was created.

But the most shocking view is the new Gotham: a city of light, in white and gold. Superman and Dick, now the new Batman, talk with Bruce about it: he sacrificed himself to achieve this dream, and the whole new reality is shaped more by Bruce's thoughts than anyone else. And Dick wants to once again thank him. Batman, though, is suspicious, and has some question to make, especially where the hell are all the villains. Back on Blackhawk Island, J'onn and Kendra are also suspicious: what they understood in their mission until now is that the truth is essential, even if bad or painful. And this new reality, it does not feel true, it feels like it's coating something else. In that moment, Shayne, their future son, comes to them, afraid, and tells them the truth, showing it thanks to his telepathic powers.

On Earth. The Hall of Justice

Mr. Mxyzptlk is having a strange attitude: he wrapped himself in an energy cocoon, without talking or sharing nothing about the League's mission. Mera and Starman, who stayed back, are afraid of what this might mean, and so they wake Jarro up, asking him to probe the Imp's mind to see what he's thinking. Jarro discovers that Mxy is following instructions, as he made a mysterious deal with someone. They want to know more, but the Imp uses his powers to antagonize them.

Meanwhile, in the Hall of Doom, the Legion is monitoring what's happening in the Hall, registering the power of Mxy. Then, Lex reveals he plans to have an Imp serving the Legion as well, clearly targeting Bat-Mite.

Inside Superman's mysterious prison

Clark in truth is not the Superman in white and gold taking with the League: he's inside a prison he reached when he travelled inside the Sixth Dimension. A prison with no light, that dampens his powers as the time passes by. It is made to restrain Superman. As he tries to escape, someone pays him visit: it's the future Superman, and he tells Clark now it is time to talk.

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