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"The Sixth Dimension!, Chapter 3": Inside Superman's prison

Quote1.png ...I am THE WORLD FORGER. And this multiverse is my masterpiece. But know this, Justice League... it is also your last hope. Quote2.png
World Forger

Justice League (Volume 4) #21 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of June, 2019. It was published on April 3, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Sixth Dimension!, Chapter 3"

Inside Superman's prison

Clark is approached by a man resembling him: he wants to explain what is happening. Clark knows this man is lying to his teammates, and his lies will be defeated. But he answers him he does not understand: the world they are in, it's not a lie. And he's not trying to stop them, but to save them and give them the opportunity to make the right choice. The only choice that will allow them to live and not be obliterated from existence. Then, he tells him that he created this pocket universe to hold him prisoner: he did it because Superman was the person who led everything towards Doom. Now, he can accept he must stay locked up for eternity if he wants the Multiverse to live, so that the mysterious man will transfer him to a more livable place. Or he can keep on fighting, and he will keep on losing. Clark, of course, decides to fight and hope, and so the other version of himself condemns him.

The Sixth Dimension. The new Multiverse of Justice

Bruce is passing some time with this dimension's Dick, in the new Gotham, drinking some tea in tribute for Alfred. They talk about what happened to the Batman Family, and how Gotham has been transformed. It's now a reality of peace, where every child can live happy, without the risk of living tragedies. Bruce's dream and mission, coming true. But as Bruce is there, happy to see this bright world, he gets called inside J'onn's mental room with all the other League members, because Shayne, J'onn and Kendra's son, showed them the truth: this world is not what it seems. But before Shayne can show them anything, the future Superman comes and reveals his true form: he's the World Forger, first son of Perpetua.

The World Forger explains them that he took the form of Superman to be able to show them this new world without prejudice. This world is a Multiverse he created, his greatest opera, giving shape to the concept of Justice. He explains he wanted them to learn this, and to take the right decision themselves, knowing Superman is away, but safe. He tells them that in every version of reality, once Lex Luthor makes a plea for Doom in the universe everything ends. But in one reality, the League finds a way to prevent this: someone developed a method to pre-identify who would side towards Doom and who would side towards Justice. Then, they systematically imprisoned or killed all the ones who sided for Doom. More or less sixty percent of the Multiverse.

Thanks to this, they shaped the world in Justice. All other versions, the world becomes a thing of Doom and then is judged unworthy of surviving, resulting in its deletion. This is the only choice. Of course, the League does not agree: cancelling everyone siding against them is not Justice. But the World Forger explodes in anger: their actions freed Perpetua, and brought this to be the only way. They will have to replace the final form of the Multiverse he created with his brothers, destined to become perfect, with a brutal and fast new version to survive.

As they vote, everyone agrees against the World Forger's proposal, everyone but Batman. He sides with the Forger: they should stop hoping, and act. If everyone siding with Doom will be imprisoned, so be it. As they vote, the Forger sends everyone but Bruce to the new Apokolips, where all villains are locked away. A Multiversal prison directed by...Lois Lane!?

Meanwhile, on Earth...

Mr. Mxyzptlk has gone berserk, and his powers have been reversed: instead of creating new reality with his creativity, his cancelling everything from existence. Mera, Starman and Jarro must find a way to stop him before everything is gone.

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