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"The First Crisis": The Multiverse. Earth-0, it's center.

Quote1.png I hear you, sons. I HEAR YOUR TREACHERY! Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #22 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of June, 2019. It was published on April 17, 2019.

Synopsis for "The First Crisis"

The Multiverse. Earth-0, it's center.

After millions of years passed imprisoned, Perpetua is awake, her thoughts and body once again living. She senses her followers, Lex leading them. She senses Doom coming. She also senses the action of one of her frightened children, trying to stop her like they did in the past. In Washington D.C., her followers are trying to stop an Imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk, from cancelling reality, releasing another Imp to fight him, Bat-Mite. Another steps towards Perpetua herself awakening.

And so, as she thinks about the future, she also thinks of the past, and of the time she was first imprisoned...

Twenty Billion years ago, the Sixth Dimension

Perpetua gave birth to three beings, the first forms of life she ever created: they were her sons, Alpheus, Mar Novu and Mobius. Talking to them, she told them she was creating a Multiverse full of potential, as that was her task. He created this Multiverse based on three concepts: Dark Matter, full with potential but without shape, Positive Matter, static and complete, to be guarded and guided, and Anti-Matter, the end of the cycle, the aftermath of every single being. And those three concepts will become realms to be governed by the three brothers: Alpheus will be the World Forger, a crafter of new worlds living in Dark Matter, hidden. Mar Novu will be the Monitor, an observer who must be guardian to the stable worlds, and intervene to prevent any crisis between them. Mobius will be the Anti-Monitor, to oversee the Anti-Matter bordering the other realms, and keep it free of life as it should always be.

The three sons understood the instructions: they are the personification of the cycle of life of Perpetua's Multiverse, birth, life and death. But Mar Novu has a doubt: if they oversee all the Multiverse, what will be Perpetua's role in everything after she's done creating in the first place? Perpetua tells him she will assure them three and the very Multiverse she created would live.

The Prime Universe. Five Billion years later

Mar Novu is visiting Alpheus, asking him if he knows where their mother is. He's curious because he found a world at the center of the Multiverse he finds bizarre: it's the Earth. Mar Novu asks his brother if that world is one of his creations, as it should be. But Alpheus tells him it's not, and soon the Monitor discovers why. Visiting that planet, he finds there his mother, who's raising an army made of a new race, an hybrid of Humans and Green Martians. Perpetua studied all the races in already existing realities outside this one, and found Humans fascinating, with the most potential among any race she observed. But they were frail, not strong enough in their physicality to be good soldiers. So, she took the Green Martians and used their enhanced body to improve the Humans.

Now she has her army, ready to protect his creations. As Mar Novu suspected, Perpetua is going over the boundaries of her role: the Monitor confesses he observed beyond the Multiverse, going to the Omniverse, and he discovered that his mother should have created a Multiverse, then she should have left it in their hands to evolve. One day, the Judges of the Source would come and make their judgment, deciding if the thing she created was worthy to live in eternity or not. But Mar Novu knows Perpetua did something twisted with this Multiverse: the seven energies she harnessed to create it were not the right one to use. She gave birth to an anomaly, and now she's staying here to be sure her creation lives through the judgement, even if she knows she should leave.

Perpetua, enraged, orders her army to show Mar Novu how to give some respect. This will lead the Monitor to concur with his brothers that they must signal their mother's sin to the Judges, so that the Multiverse might be saved. They are successful in doing so, and one of the Judges, the Cosmic Raptor, comes and punishes Perpetua: he imprisons her in the Source Wall, so that she might see the Multiverse reborn right, and oversaw by her children while awaiting from judgement. This action though condemned the Anti-Monitor so that his realm would lose its purpose, so Mobius decided to wage war against the Monitor, causing crisis after crisis in his worlds.

Perpetua's sons were reborn time and time again, while she remained one, constant, imprisoned still in the Source Wall. But now, soon, she will be free. And she will come for them and for the Judges, to once again rule a Multiverse of Doom...

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