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"The Sixth Dimension! Chapter 4": Superman's prison, created by the World Forger

Quote1.png He only has one chance. If he doesn't make it, he will die. But he will get up there. He will win. He will add that star to his constellation. It is tradition. He is tradition. Say it, he tells himself. Say it and go UP! Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #23 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of July, 2019. It was published on May 1, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Sixth Dimension! Chapter 4"

Superman's prison, created by the World Forger

Remembering the perfect day he once passed together with his son, honoring Smallville's traditions, Superman finds hope to try, again and again, to reach the only light he sees in his virtually inescapable prison.

The Sixth dimension's Multiverse of Justice. New Apokolips, prison for the followers of Doom

The Justice League, minus Batman, has been imprisoned with power-dampeners by the World Forger, inside the New Apokolips where Lois Lane and her lieutenant, Jimmy Olsen, command. Lois tells to the League she was not born in this version of Alpheus' Multiverse, but in his original experiment. He tried over and over again to create a Multiverse where everyone survived, but failed, and always because of Clark's stubborness in believing a better solution possible. So, she agreed to become warden of this multiversal prison herself, to assure no one will ever escape and lead existence towards Doom.

As time passes by, the League starts talking about what they will do in the future, after noticing Batman is missing, probably because he truly agreed with the World Forger's plan: are they wrong? Should they accept to make a sacrifice so big and so morally wrong to find a solution to an even bigger problem? With the confrontation going on, Shayne spots them: he was able to sneak in thanks to his powers. He would like to free them, and J'onn tells him how to do it: he needs to perform a psychic burst to shatter the cage. He hasn't learned how to do it, though, so J'onn tells him he must focus on one emotion and on the thing which is making him feel that emotion.

Shayne chooses Anger. Anger towards his world they created: when they imprisoned and killed those against them, in the name of Justice, he heard all of their screams. They were not screams of evil, but of fear and pain. People were scared and weak, but for a greater purpose they were just put in jail or killed. Screaming that those things were no Justice, Shayne releases a burst so powerful that he shatters most of the cages in Apokolips: the League's escape plan just became a lot more complicated. As they are surrounded by villains, they find an unexpected ally ready to help them: the remaining members of the Legion of Doom, in a spacecraft piloted by Darkseid. Welcoming the Leaguers, and Shayne, on board, they get away...

Meanwhile, always on the Sixth Dimension's Earth

Batman approaches the World Forger: he knows he was not imprisoned because he agreed with the plan Alpheus put into motion. He wants no harm to be done to his teammates. Alpheus tells him he knew he would choose well: he is one of the greatest logical minds in existence, and he can understand where there's only one choice to be made. He explains Batman that every single time he tried to create the perfect Multiverse, all things ended with a clash between Batman and Superman, the outcome deciding the fate of reality. That's why both him and Superman have a Fifth Dimensional Imp guarding over them.

Now Batman must choose once again, and he must prove to Alpheus is loyalty and commitment, as he will assume the role of leader, convincing all the League to follow the World Forger's decision. He will be tested: he has to move the little suns Alpheus put in Superman's prison, killing his friend. After all, this is Prime Superman they are talking about, and even if the other versions of him never escaped, this very well could. Clark Kent will not cease to exist: his essence will be transferred in Alpheus, and he would assume the Superman form he had when he first met them. After that, the Imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk, will have erased enough reality in the current Multiverse for Alpheus to be able to copy this version over. Batman accepts his fate and role: he will do it quickly, so that Superman won't suffer. As Clark is reaching that damn light, the only one he sees in the sky, everything shuts down, and the darkness wraps him all around...

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  • Bat-Mite
  • Shayne J'onzz
  • Legion of Doom (Sixth Dimension) (First appearance)
    • Sinestro (First appearance)
    • Grodd (First appearance)
    • Cheetah (First appearance)
  • Darkseid (Sixth Dimension) (First appearance)
  • Superboy (Flashback only)


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