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"The Sixth Dimension! Chapter 5": Superman's prison made by the World Forger

Quote1.png Everyone would be dead. Everyone, if not for the final Bat-suit. You were the only being alive who could do it. You are the greatest knight of the universe, Bruce Wayne. But not dark. Bright. The son. The true sun. Quote2.png
World Forger

Justice League (Volume 4) #24 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of July, 2019. It was published on May 15, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Sixth Dimension! Chapter 5"

Superman's prison made by the World Forger

Clark is finding strength in his memories: he once again thinks about that perfect day he passed with Jon doing all their favorite things together, including fighting some bad guys. At the end of that day though, Jon was displeased, because they forgot to lit the lantern to honor Clark's adoptive father, Jonathan Kent. Superman remembers how Lois described those moments for him: his Gray Kryptonite, those sensations taking hold of is heart, telling him how a little choice could bring to catastrophic outcomes. And right now, in his prison, he reflects on Alpheus' words, and knows that maybe, if he escaped and acts, he will Doom the Multiverse...

The Legion of Doom's spacecraft

The Legion just helped the League escape the prison in Apokolips, but the warden and her lieutenant, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, are following them. They will soon be trapped, but there is a way: Sinestro should wrap them around a construct, then Darkseid and Grodd will shoot them inside a portal, to bring them back to the Tower of the World Forger. They inform them of one thing: Batman will be their ultimate enemy in this fight, but the Legion created an opening for them to defeat him.

The World Forger's Tower

In the meantime, Alpheus is explaining to Bruce what will happen: in this version of the Multiverse, Batman created the Son Box, a chair made of Element X that made Batman able to look inside the heart of all beings. Thanks to this chair, he could see if a person was siding for Doom or Justice. Then, he went beyond: he created the final suit, which harnessing the power of the Son Box is able to change the mind of people, rewriting it cell by cell. The World Forger revealed him that the Justice League never agreed with his plan, and so Batman rewrote their minds saving them.

Bruce must act fast: the work of Mxyzptlk is almost done, and soon the hammer of the Forger will lit, so he will have to hit the Crisis Anvil to overwrite reality. As he approaches the Son Box, the armory explodes...

Back to the Legion's ship

Sinestro informs them that they sent Jarro to destroy the final suit Batman created, so that they will be able to antagonize him. Then, the Legion shot their former enemies through space, with them going through the portal and getting to the House of Justice, home of the future Leaguers and the World Forger. The Legion sacrificed, and now they will have an opportunity to set things straight. But Batman appears, with the final suit on: Alpheus predicted the Legion's plan, and made sure Jarro was going to die for nothing. The end is near...

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  • Jarro (Sixth Dimension) (Mentioned only)
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