"The Sixth Dimension! Conclusion": Inside Superman's prison, made by the World Forger

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Justice League (Volume 4) #25 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2019. It was published on June 5, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Sixth Dimension! Conclusion"

Inside Superman's prison, made by the World Forger

Clark remembers when his father, Jonathan, made him start a fire with only a pair of sticks. He wanted him to feel the awe of it, without utilizing his powers, to know what it meant being just human. He was frustrated that day, because he was not able to lit the fire, and so the traditional Smallville's lantern remained unlit. Just like what happened with his son, Jon, when he did the same. Was it a message? A memory to make him understand he should let go, and give up to the idea of escaping this prison? What if his death truly would make things better this time? What if the World Forger is right? And when he thinks about this questions, he sees visions of things never happened to him: Batman closing him in the darkness, never to escape, and Lois wrapped around the body of their dead son over and over...

In front of the House of Justice, the Sixth Dimension

Batman is inside his final suit, made from the Son Box, a suit of Element X capable to change the mind of any living creature. The Forger and his version of the League need him to use this power to change the mind of his teammates, and convince them to do what's right: rewrite reality with this new Multiverse, where the ones who side with Justice are free and the once siding with Doom are either imprisoned or killed. Bruce, though, wants to convince them without force, and asks the Forger a bit of time to do just that. The Forger agrees, but he must do it quickly as his hammer soon will strike.

The Forger could not know Batman was playing double: he wanted to show an image to his comrades that would make them understand. He never imprisoned Superman: he moved the suns in another place, closer to Clark, for him to find a trail of those suns in front of himself. Superman would choose if he wanted to traverse them, coming back from the dark to destroy the Forger's utopia, or if he wanted to remain imprisoned, and let this Multiverse come to reality. Of course, Clark chose to fight and hope, like Superman always does.

Seeing the suns Bruce put in the sky above him, he remembers: he was frustrated he was unable to lit the lantern that day, but their neighbors brought a lantern for him as well so that they could celebrate together. And that time with Jon, the whole Justice League came with lanterns to stay with Clark and his family, and live a great moment with them. Jon was so happy. Clark understands: by ourselves we are just a point, but together we can transcend, and become more. Just like those days, he takes the lights his friends offered him, piercing through thousands of suns at incalculable speed. He becomes so powerful, he escapes from his prison. Lois, captain of the Forger's squadrons, could shot him, but refuses to do so: in truth, she hoped Clark would escape and rescue everyone, like he always did.

So, Clark escapes and hits the Forger with a dimension-shattering punch, breaking the Multiverse he created. The Forger is furious: he searched inside Batman's soul, and he saw he agreed with him. Why did he chose to destroy their only opportunity at survival? But Bruce explains: he did agree with Forger. That was an opportunity of survival, a right course of action. A logical one. But the Justice League is about reaching to your friends to see other views of the world, views complementing yours. He left Superman with a choice: accept the Forger's plan, or try to find uncharted territory, hoping for a better solution. Clark chose hope, and Batman respected that choice: they will find a way, or they will perish. And Batman has a suggestion: what if the Forger reshapes himself in a form that could live outside of the 6th Dimension, to then join the ranks of the League himself? He knows no one ever tried that, so why not fight Lex and Perpetua together this time? The Forger accepts.

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Synopsis for "The Message"

Earth. Washington D.C., the Hall of Justice

The League is back from the Sixth Dimension, with one more member in their roster: the World Forger himself, who agreed to fight with them. But something is strange: the Hall is on full lockdown mode, with only Leaguers able to access. Soon, Mera, Starman and Jarro explain why: Mxyzptlk was erasing reality itself, following Alpheus' original plan, and so Lex and the Legion released Bat-Mite and fought together with him, defeating Mxy and saving the world. After that, Luthor broadcasted a message in all languages, to the entire planet: accusing the League to be responsible for the imminent destruction of all reality, thanks to the Source Wall breaking apart, Lex makes a plea to all humans. Accept your true nature, side with Doom, fight for your survival and yourself only. Become a villain.

After his words, Luthor sacrificed his life to demonstrate he said the truth. He gave all his money, resources and inventions to the worst criminals on Earth, after probing their location from the mind of Amanda Waller. Then, he blew himself up inside LexCorp to avoid being captured by Captain Atom. This made his plea quite effective, with riots of people trying to assault the Hall, thus the lockdown.

And as Jarro and J'onn both perform a scan of the minds of all people on Earth, they find that most of them accepted Lex's word as truth. And showing them they should not listen to Luthor will be a really difficult mission now. How should they move? The Forger proposes to find his brothers, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, so that them three united could find a way to once again banish Perpetua. Starman thinks they should solve the mystery behind his powers: he could find a way to broadcast a message to all the versions of Earth in the Multiverse, to raise an army for Justice. Diana thinks they should raise an army, but starting with expanding the roster with all the heroes of this Earth.

J'onn is sure of one thing: this three tasks, they all must be on their to-do list. And they will have to do more, if they hope to win the war between Doom and Justice. Meanwhile, in the Hall of Doom, Lex is brought back to life by Brainiac inside a new body, a body Lex calls a "first step" towards his final evolution. After that, he prepares to spread offers to all the worst villains in the world, so that he might rise enough power to finally once again release Perpetua.

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