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"Apex Predator, Part 1": The Martian Manhunter is, first thing first, a detective. He hunts men, that's in his name, and so he's out, hunting for Lex Luthor. He can hear so many thoughts speaking of The Cloaked Man, giving awa

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Justice League (Volume 4) #26 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2019. It was published on June 19, 2019.

Synopsis for "Apex Predator, Part 1"

The Martian Manhunter is, first thing first, a detective. He hunts men, that's in his name, and so he's out, hunting for Lex Luthor. He can hear so many thoughts speaking of The Cloaked Man, giving away gifts to everyone who had a dark desire. J'onn built a network with all the rumors, the stories, the voices, and in the end, it seems he found his prey...

Meanwhile, in the House of Heroes

Flash is explaining to John how great it is to come back inside this place: it's so strange but so wonderful to hear so much different beings vibrating with their own dimensional frequency. Barry, John, Bruce, Diana and Clark came to the House of Heroes to send a message to all the alternate universes: they know that the crisis, the Source Wall rupture, was started in their dimension. But they also know that it's something acting on a Multiversal scale, with all versions of Earth and the universe in danger.

They tell everyone about the fact that a Sixth-dimensional being, Perpetua, is about to wake up: their Lex Luthor is trying to bring the universe towards Doom, and the energy spreading thanks to this is unlocking all the seven dark energies necessary to wake the primal goddess up. And the League is sure something similar is happening in every dimension. They won't ask to unite in one world, as it would leave some dimension unprotected, but they ask to start fight alone, and to help in something important: the World Forger steps in, and speaks.

He is hopeful, seeing all the heroes from all his creations, the different versions of Earth and their universes around it. But they must move quickly, and there is one thing they must do together: find the two brothers of Alpheus, known to them as the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor.

Inside the Hall of Justice

Hawkgirl is trying to convince J'onn to come back from his research: they need him here. Meanwhile, her and Mera are coordinating the rest of the League's roster: Ryan Choi leads the scientific division, who monitors Doom and Justice and tries to come up with different solutions for different apocalyptical situations. The Question, Plastic Man, Detective Chimp and Green Arrow are only four of the Detective Team, who is trying to locate the new position of the Hall of Doom. The younger ones then are under training in combat, with Black Canary and Hawkman serving as masters.

As they oversee all this operation, Jarro contacts them: Starman is once again in danger. He is pushing his powers to their boundaries, trying to locate other pieces of the Totality through time: like Starman himself, other people or objects possessed the power of the Totality, and with all that power the Source Wall might be repaired. Mera, seeing Starman suffering, starts asking herself if they are doing too much, but Kendra answers that it might not even be enough. Mera also notices the tension in Kendra's voice: it's about her role in this Omniversal dispute, and the relationship with J'onn. They just brought back with them a son they never had, who always knew Hawkgirl and the Manhunter as his parents, parents in love. And now J'onn is obsessed with finding Lex by himself. Mera tells Hawkgirl to go and find J'onn: she will stay in command in the Hall. After all, she is a queen.

Eighty Miles north of Sacramento. An abandoned manor

The Manhunter is sure: he found the man he was looking for. He opens the door, and shouts to Lex to reveal himself: he is maybe protecting his mind from J'onn's telepathic powers, but he still has fourteen other senses telling him he's not alone. In that moment, someone attacks, but it's not the Luthor the Manhunter was expecting: Lionel is back.

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  • Many characters from the Multiverse, like Earth-18 Johnny Thunder,[1] who were shown to be dead before this story, are revealed to be alive.
    • It will be actually revealed that the Multiverse tends to heal himself and restored them to the existence.[2]


  • Barry Allen tells John Stewart to "Smile like its a Tuesday in Central City." which is a reference to the day The Flash series is aired.
  • In Martian Manhunter's vision, a man is wearing a shirt that says "Lex Was Right" which could be a reference to "Thanos Was Right" from the movie Avengers: Endgame.

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