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"Apex Predator, Part 2": Someplace near Sacramento, an abandoned Manor

Quote1.png J'onn J'onzz of Mars... I can give you exactly what you're looking for. I can give you me. Quote2.png
Lex Luthor

Justice League (Volume 4) #27 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 3, 2019.

Synopsis for "Apex Predator, Part 2"

Someplace near Sacramento, an abandoned Manor

While searching for Lex, J'onn found instead a revived Lionel Luthor, who once again imprisoned him, taking J'onn back to nightmarish memories of his childhood. Soon though, the Manhunter breaks himself free and attacks Lionel, discovering him a robot created by Anthony Ivo. The mad professor then releases Amazo, who captures J'onn: Lex tasked Ivo with continuing the work of Lionel, to find the Apex Predator, the human and martian hybrid Perpetua imagined as his definitive army. J'onn, of course, will be key for his work: as Ivo approaches him to start his painful experiments, Kendra steps in and crushes Amazo's head in a single blow.

Ivo has hundreds of Amazos ready, but they are all incomplete: he was disassembling them, probably for his new experiment in finding the Apex Predator's final form. As they defeat the machines, they also learn Ivo is a construct himself, so J'onn is not able to take any information about Lex's current location from him. Kendra tries to convince J'onn that Lex is dead, that he chose the path of Doom and there's no turning him back to the kid who helped him once. Then, a drone comes, and Lex talks from it: he is alive, more than ever, and he wants to make an offer to J'onn: his very own position.

Meanwhile, on Nil, former home of the Monitors

The World Forger and the Leaguers who were in the House of Heroes reach Nil, former home for the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. Alpheus explains: first, the Multiverse was composed from infinite worlds. Then, the Anti-Monitor completed his vengeance and started the first crisis, collapsing into one world the infinite ones. Then, another crisis followed, bringing 52 universes to life, and the Monitor divided in 52 aspects as well. Then, the Monitor reunited in one being when the Dark Multiverse came for conquest.

And then, they find him: Mar Novu, trying once again to contact the Judges of the Source to receive help against Perpetua, after billions of years. Alpheus tells him he won't find answers: they were a young Multiverse full with potential then, now they are a Multiverse collapsing, with Doom metastasizing in its core. In the and, the Monitor accepts to come and join the Justice League, telling then he will follow them on Qward, to try and convince the Anti-Monitor in joining their cause. The Antimatter Universe will be their next destination.

At the same time, in the Hall of Justice, Shayne J'onzz is lost: he is originary of a possibility destroyed in the Sixth Dimension, so is he even real? Starman assures to him that possibilities exist, thus are real. And he would like to have some possibility on his side: Shayne can help him in an important quest...

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