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"Apex Predator, Finale": Reaching Lex Luthor's secret location

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Lex Luthor

Justice League (Volume 4) #28 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 17, 2019.

Synopsis for "Apex Predator, Finale"

Reaching Lex Luthor's secret location

J'onn was hunting Lex down, when he was kidnapped by Ivo and his Amazo constructs: rescued and helped in the fight by Kendra, he's now free and he received an offer, made by Lex himself, an offer telling them where to reach him. Kendra knows it's a trap, and J'onn knows it, too, but he does not care: his hunt will soon be over, and he will face his prey. Soon, Lex contacts him on his mind frequency, so that they might talk privately. He tells him he must shut down the mind of Kendra, and then he will enter Lex's current base to talk alone. No harm will be done to Hawkgirl, this is a true promise.

The Manhunter is driven by the hunt, and accepts the conditions: he makes Kendra fall unconscious, then Lex opens a door to a palace slightly out of sync with space and time in this dimension. They enter the place, and J'onn sees that Lex is changed, his aspect resembling a completely different being, not human at all. And there is an explanation: he has started his evolution towards becoming the Apex Predator, the first reborn warrior or Perpetua's army. He just needs one piece: a Green Martian. The offer is this: unite together to form a single being, the king of the food chain, destined for dominion. Lex wants J'onn to follow willingly, as he knows he is driver by Doom as well, a desire of saving his old friend to feel better with himself.

Of course J'onn refuses, and so Lex forces him: decomposing his cellular structure, Lex will absorb him into himself, with his conscience gone but his power and his physical cells living together with Lex's own. Luthor will become the Apex Predator, and finally give Perpetua the first of her immortal superior beings. Kendra is awakened by J'onn, but Lex easily imprisons her with a Nth Metal resistant force field and makes her watch while he nullifies the Manhunter, to then merge with him and creating Perpetua's perfect creature. Kendra, in pain, disgusted and suffering, promises she will rain hell on Lex, destroying him for what he did. That's the spirit, Apex Lex answers back.

Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice, Starman and Jarro connect their minds with the powers of Shayne, hoping to reach different pieces of the Totality through time. But what happens is different: Starman sees the end, and the Multiverse collapsing.

Meanwhile, in the Antimatter Universe, on the planet Qward

The Justice League, together with the World Forger and the Monitor, are in the Antimatter Universe, on Qward, searching for the Anti-Monitor to complete the trio that might antagonize Perpetua. Once there though, they find Qwardians killed: Mobius liberated them after they helped building a mysterious weapon. Also, Batman finds a message in Maltusian, telling to not follow the Anti-Monitor and written by the Anti-Monitor himself. As they are ready to leave, the Legion of Doom appears, but the World Forger thinks it will be better to avoid fighting, as it probably is a diversive.

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