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"Jarro's Tale: A Justice/Doom War Prelude": Starting from a ∅-World, Starro's origins... '

Quote1 It's simple. We're preparing for war. Quote2

Justice League (Volume 4) #29 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2019. It was published on August 7, 2019.

Synopsis for "Jarro's Tale: A Justice/Doom War Prelude"

Starting from a ∅-World, Starro's origins... '

Our universe, we can imagine it like a jar, where forces and laws govern life. Some are science, some are magic, some even more mysterious. But there are some worlds where this laws do not work, or are changed: they are the ∅-Worlds. These planet, they are unstable: most of the times life does not even find a place there, and when it does, it soon ends, the planet with it. But there was one ∅-World where things went differently: in this world, life went on the opposite sense. Maximum variety, species of all kinds stepped out of this planet's primordial ocean, and then, all species battled, only one destined to survive. And only one did: a creature of the Sea, a Star, able to take control of the minds.

All this stars united, forming then one formidable being: Starro the Conqueror. He roamed in the universe, expanding himself while controlling the minds of all. He was a villain and he fought the heroes. He did this also in the war against the Dark Multiverse, siding with the invaders of course. But he was defeated, together with the nightmares of the dark. The war brought the collapse of the Source Wall, and the attack of the Omega Titans: recruited by Brainiac, Starro fought together with conquerors and conquered, with heroes and villains, and sacrificed himself for the cause, giving life a chance to win. He understood how beautiful it is to be together.

And then, a piece of them was recovered, and put in a jar by the Justice League. Regrowing, he became Jarro, a member of the League, a disciple of the Dark Knight. Of his new dad, Batman. And just like the best Robin ever, he's now inside the Hall of Doom, to strike the Legion down by himself. As he fights the Legion, his League colleagues, especially Batman, find the Hall of Doom and join him in the clash. They will win, they will triumph.

But soon Batman discovers what Jarro is truly doing: he saw how it all really ends, with them losing. So he decided to control his friends, making them see an happy ending while they will be forever imprisoned in Jarro's original ∅-World. Batman explains to him that this is wrong, and that like everyone he must fight back against his evil nature and selfish desire, because he is their friend. He is Batman's friend, and the Dark Knight doesn't want to lose him. And so, Jarro convinces himself and lets everyone go: he will fight for real this time.

Thing is, he does not know that the Legion recovered the original Starro, and that they can see everything passing through Jarro's mind. They just discovered the League plans for the counter, and they gain another advantage in the incoming war...

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