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"The Totality, Part 3": The Past. The young life of Thaal Sinestro

Quote1.png In folktales, a hero is someone who is changed by truth. And I was, as you will be. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #3 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of September, 2018. It was published on July 4, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Totality, Part 3"

The Past. The young life of Thaal Sinestro

He was known as the greatest anthropologist in all the galaxies. A man of discovery, and impossible tasks. Thaal Sinestro. After those days, he rose to glory as both Green and Yellow Lantern, but in his early life he discovered a great secret he helped seal away. The secret of Umbrax and its Invisible Spectrum.

Now, in the Hall of Justice

John Stewart is on a rampage, powered by some strange kind of Spectrum. He's trying to kill all the League members that remained at the Hall, and neither Diana, Arthur or Barry are able to slow him down. But Cyborg does the job and knocks John unconscious. Meanwhile, Superman and Martian Manhunter are still trying to reach the center of the Totality, to unveil its secrets and understand its intentions. They battle against mutated creatures, somewhat reverted in a primal, bestial state by the powers of this strange object. Inside their bodies, Batman in Clark's and Hawkgirl in J'onn's, another conflict: the Totality is trying to change them as well, acting against the cells of their brains. It's Bruce and Kendra's job to keep them from change.

Back to the Hall, John just recovered and started to explain what happened: Sinestro, who once was the man which helped lock away the same power of the Invisible Spectrum, is the one who set it free. And with it, a dark entity, Umbrax, is now roaming through the Multiverse. This spectrum works differently compared to the usual powers granted by the Rings: while with the normal spectrums, the user channels his emotions to generate power, with the Invisible one it's the spectrum fueling itself, utilizing the hatred and hidden emotions of anyone in its range. Umbrax is in fact a sentient black sun, with a galaxy of absorbed planet roaming around him and fueling his power. That's why he could not control the power: he was the one controlled, and his will was then Umbrax's will.

Learning about this, the League agrees that locating the current position of Umbrax is vital for security in the whole universe: John and Vic reach the remains of the Moon, where the old Watchtower can function as a radar to track the presence of the terrible dark sun. While there, John explains to Vic that his emotions regarding the disaster he committed on Xanshi were the perfect fuel for Umbrax, with Cyborg answering him that sometimes, to stay strong and resist, you must open yourself to others and ask for help. That was how he overcame his problems with the transformation, and probably why Umbrax was less effective against him. As they approach the Watchtower though, Sinestro welcomes them. John asks him why he unleashed the same evil he himself locked up in the past, but Sinestro answers him he was enlightened by the truth, like everyone soon will. Then, he reveals them that Umbrax targeted Earth as the next planet to absorb, as it is the planet pulsing with most auto-destructive and dark emotions. And the dark sun is already looming upon humanity as they speak.

At the same time, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman located the position of the Still Force on Earth, as John revealed them that it truly exists, held back by the Source Wall. Right now, it seems its in deep waters. As they reach the location, they find a base there, someway hidden to radars. Entering it, they discover that creatures similar to White Martians, but someway more "feral", are there in stasis. Or so Flash thought, but soon he had to change his mind: the creatures break out, and attack them.

Back to the Totality

Superman and Martian Manhunter reached the center of the Totality, finding there some of the giant guardians who were engraved on the Source Wall. J'onn feels he can connect telepathically with them, and so wants to communicate as soon as possible: maybe that's the key to unlock the Totality's intentions and powers. Both Kal and Kendra are not sure about the action, but J'onn cannot resist the pulse, for the extreme joy of Lex Luthor, watching, undetected, from inside Superman's body. As J'onn touches his mind with the ones of the giant guardians, they wake up and, identifying him as the First Abomination, declare they must kill him.

Also, Lex has another surprise in store for the League: inside Kendra's ship, hidden in the dark, lurking, is the monster inside each of us, ready to laugh. The Joker looms behind Hawkgirl, armed with a buzzsaw and the clear intention to have some fun.

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