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"Justice/Doom War, Part 1": Inside the Hall of Justice

Quote1.png As of this moment, you are all members of the Justice League. Now get ready for war. Quote2.png

Justice League (Volume 4) #30 is an issue of the series Justice League (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2019. It was published on August 28, 2019.

Synopsis for "Justice/Doom War, Part 1"

Inside the Hall of Justice

Connecting himself with Hypertime, thanks to his relationship with the Totality and the powers of Shayne, Starman had a glimpse into the future: three days from now, Lex Luthor and Doom will win, and Perpetua will restring the Multiverse again, transforming it into the perfect Doom formation. This is real: no alternate realities, no possible or probable endings, just facts. The only thing they can do to obstacle Perpetua's army is to create a Justice Totality.

Starman explains: Perpetua initially created the Multiverse using seven negative energies, each collected by Luthor to unlock the Totality. Lex needs only one final force, and then Perpetua will be reborn, a force connected with faith. But just like those seven negative energies formed the Multiverse in the past, the new Multiverse, the one remade by the World Forger, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, is built upon seven positive energies, opposites of the forces Lex and his Legion now harness. Every member of the core League harnesses one of this forces, and it's not a coincidence.

Just as Lex gathered those energy inside the Totality, utilizing the Totality fragment Vandal Savage retrieved, now in form of a doorknob, Starman knows there are other fragments of the powerful object which spread themselves in time and space. One of those fragments is inside his Cosmic Rod, and that's why he's attuned with the Totality itself. The other two fragments he is sensing are dislocated in the past and in the future, and the core Leaguers, divided in two teams, will retrieve them.

Finding the two lost pieces and uniting them with the Cosmic Rod, the League should be able to create a Justice Totality to rival Luthor's. Thanks to the powers of the three sons of Perpetua, they might be able to use this new Totality to lock out the evil goddess once again. Of course, Luthor will do anything to stop this plan and will send his forces against the Hall, so the task of all the heroes on Earth will be the one of defending the portals from the assault of Doom. No one knows that thanks to Jarro, the Legion of Doom listened to the whole plan of Starman, and knows what to do already. In fact, the Legion secretly found the original body of Starro, destroyed in the fight with the Omega Titans, and took it, regenerating it and connecting it with the little Jarro to have a mole inside without the starfish even knowing it.

Alpheus and Mar Novu open the two portals, while Superman tries to make Kendra reason: she is in shock for the death of J'onn J'onzz, a death she's witnessed with her very own eyes, and she is drifting towards Doom. Still, there's a task to be completed: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will go to the future, while Flash and Green Lantern will go the the past. Mera and Hawkgirl then will go together with the Monitor and the World Forger, to find the Anti-Monitor so that the three brothers can finally reunite.

But something happens to the portals: they shut down, and communication is lost. Someone tampered with time before them. Also, a mysterious masked man is inside the Hall, shouting the Justice League will die. Mera tries to stop him, but before the portals are lost, he is able to get into one of them.

The Past, around the 20th Century. New York City

Barry and John are catapulted to the past, and find out the communication with the League is down. Something happened. Looking out, John Stewart clearly recognizes the New York of the 20th century as the place they stand in, but there is a detail who shocks both the Lantern and Flash: the symbol of Doom is everywhere. As they try to understand, they are attacked: they tell their intentions are good, they do not want to fight, and so their attackers reveal themselves: the Justice Society of America wants them to stand down and to understand one thing. They are two weeks late to save their past from Doom.

Somewhere in the future.

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman arrive somewhere in the future, finding an apocalyptic scene: a city in ruins. No one is able to communicate with the headquarters, so clearly something went bad. As they try to understand, a gigantic robot with a Doom symbol on his chest attacks them, using a ionized Kryptonite ray. The enemy identified Superman, and reacted with the beast weapon to kill him: how could it know? Then, a boy appears, surrounded by strange soldiers resembling tigers. He is Kamandi, and he's there to tell the League they are two weeks late to save their future from Doom.

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